Virtual Experience Area Crédit Agricole

The latest facility where you can experience various virtual contents in a space with a Japanese atmosphere!




2-hour ticket
23 years or older
2,800 yen
13 to 22 years old
2,200 yen
12 years and under
1,700 yen

*Please note that the price may differ during the high season.

30 minutes ticket
23 years or older
1,000 yen
13 to 22 years old
800 yen
12 years and under
500 yen

*Please note that the price may differ during the high season.

Point system
usage fee
2 points
400 yen
4 points
700 yen
6 points
900 yen

*Point-based tickets will only be sold at the ticket vending machine on the 6th floor on the day of the event.

*PayPay Dome Bungee VR can be used once with 6 points.

*The number of points required varies depending on the activity. Click here for details on points.

* Free admission for those who do not experience activities

*Children under the age of 3 are free of charge, but must be accompanied by a guardian.

*Some activities are not available for guests under 6 years old.

* Admission under the age of 15 after 18:00 must be accompanied by a guardian.

Starting from March 1, 2024 (Friday), ticket prices and regulations for some attractions will be revised.
Click here for details

Not available to those who fall under the following

I'm not feeling well / I'm prone to getting drunk on vehicles / Pregnant / Dizziness / Claustrophobia / Respiratory disorders / Toxidrome
/ Hypertension / Fear of the dark / Neck / back / waist disease / Weak skin / Noise hypersensitivity

* Some activities are not available to those under 6 years old.

* Some activities are not available to those who have difficulty walking independently.

*If you have disabilities, please ask the staff.

*Please refrain from using if you have any other symptoms that may be aggravated by other use.


  • Depending on the situation inside the building, you may have to wait for admission.
  • We are not responsible for any injuries, losses, damages, troubles, etc. in our facility.
  • Some devices may be suspended without notice due to malfunction or maintenance.
  • Auxiliary equipment such as a monopod, tripod, and selfie stick cannot be used for shooting.
  • Please refrain from leaving your personal items. Luggage left unattended may be stored as a found item.
  • Occupation of aisles and common spaces, interruption of lines, sale and exhibition of goods, and other annoying or dangerous acts are prohibited.
  • Bringing food into the area and eating and drinking during activities are prohibited.
  • If you do not follow the staff's instructions, you may be refused admission.
Before using the activity

Please read the usage restrictions and precautions for each activity and follow the correct way of playing.
There are also activities that make vigorous movements, so please relax before experiencing.
Also, please do not overdo it if you are not in good physical condition or if you are not confident.