Price list

Prices vary depending on the schedule. Please check the fee structure and sales status below.

7th floor
Sanrio characters Dream!ng Park

Admission fee: Free

Content play fee: Content common ticket: 500 yen/1 ticket

*For each ticket, you can choose one from five contents.

*One ticket per group is required for "Dream!ng SMILES AR SNAP", and one ticket per person is required for other contents.

6th floor
Virtual Experience Area Crédit Agricole
2-hour ticket
23 years or olderpeak3,000 yen
regular2,800 yen
13-22 years oldpeak2,300 yen
regular2,200 yen
12 years and underpeak1,800 yen * 1
regular1,700 yen * 1
30 minutes ticket
23 years or olderpeak1,200 yen
regular1,000 yen
13-22 years oldpeak950 yen
regular800 yen
12 years and underpeak600 yen * 1
regular500 yen * 1
Point system usage fee
2 pointspeak500 yen
regular400 yen
4 pointspeak800 yen
regular700 yen
6 pointspeak1,050 yen
regular900 yen
5th floor
TeamLab Forest Fukuoka-SBI Securities
16 years and overpeak2,700 yen
regular2,400 yen
15 years old or youngerpeak1,200 yen * 1
regular1,000 yen * 1
4th floor
OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum
Supported by DREAM ORDER
16 years and overpeak/regular1,800 yen
15 years old or youngerpeak/regular900 yen * 3
89 park
16 years and overpeak1,200 yen
regular1,000 yen
15 years old or youngerpeak600 yen * 3
regular500 yen * 3

* There are various usage restrictions on rooftop attractions.

* 1 Free for children under 3 years old (accompanied by a guardian)

* 2 Free for children under 3 years old, but children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a guardian (adult ticket must be purchased)

* 3 Free for children under 6 years old (preschoolers), children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a guardian (adult ticket must be purchased)

* 3Paid from 1st grade of elementary school

About discounts for people with disabilities

Discounts for people with disabilities may be applied depending on the attraction.

Customers who have purchased a discount ticket for people with disabilities should present their disability certificate at each attraction entrance after purchasing the relevant ticket.

* Three items are applicable: the Physically Handicapped Person's Handbook, the Rehabilitation Handbook, and the Mental Disability Handbook Health and Welfare Handbook.

* The discount will be applied only to the person who has received the grant.