BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA will inform you of the event information to be held in March and April!
By using Dripper and E・ZO, you can get original novelties, collaborative gourmet items, and more. We are selling a great student discount set for students. This season is finally starting at PayPay Dome! We will also carry out a project that you can enjoy at E・ZO before and after watching the baseball game! This spring, come with your friends, family, and fellow baseball fans to the entertainment-filled E・ZO!


[3/8-4/7] Spring only ♪ “#Dripper Happy Operation” has started! Novelty too♪

If you use BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA, you will receive an original novelty gift ♪ Also, “Doripa Fair” will appear in front of E・ZO! This spring, let's be happy with Sanrio characters at E・ZO☆

[3/8-4/7] Dripa collaboration gourmet is now available!

3rd floor “MLB café FUKUOKA” will be selling a collaboration menu with “#Dripper Happy Daisakusen” for a limited time! Additionally, those who order from the collaboration menu will receive a placemat as a gift.

student discount

[Until 3/31] Colorful memories made with E・ZO! Spring student discount♪

All spring student discount sets are 3,100 yen (tax included)! Let's make colorful memories with E・ZO this spring! play! eat! This is a set of 3 types of student discounts to choose from♪


A must-see for Hawks fans! Enjoy E・ZO before and after watching a baseball game!

To coincide with the start of the season, there will be a lot of fun events such as a raffle where you can win an autographed hawk daruma doll, and a prediction of the starting lineup that anyone can participate in.Enjoy more baseball at E-ZO before and after watching the game!


[3/16-4/14] Audrey's All Night Nippon 15th Anniversary Exhibition will be held!

To commemorate "Audrey's All Night Nippon" which will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2024, we will hold the program's first exhibition! A Saturday night that Audrey has been building for 15 years. We look back at the more than 700 broadcasts we have made with listeners since the first episode.

[Currently being held] “teamLab Forest” becomes a spring scenery with cherry blossoms blooming.

For a limited time only, “teamLab Forest - SBI SECURITIES Co., Ltd.” will feature a spring landscape with cherry blossoms in full bloom. The three-dimensional world with its height differences has several seasonal works that transform into spring scenery, from living creatures to cherry blossoms starting to bloom.


New sensation bistro "Parlor Komatsu Stadium Side" is newly opened♪

Opening on Thursday, February 29th ♪ We have a menu that is perfect for relaxing as a cafe or bar, from a wide variety of lunch menus such as soufflé omelette rice and Neapolitan, to craft beer, fruit tea, and authentic sweets supervised by a pastry chef. Many available! Please come and visit us!


[3/5-4/21] Limited to game days ♪ Get another one if the Hawks win!

Buy one, get one ♪ At "The FOODHALL" on the 3rd floor, an event will be held from March 5th (Tuesday) to April 21st (Sunday) to offer "Suntory Draft Beer 500ml bottle" at a great price. !