A 7-story entertainment building full of world-class innovative content, such as scenic attractions and the latest hands-on museums!

It is an indoor facility that is perfect for children's playgrounds and date spots ☆
In addition to attractions and museums, we also have a restaurant floor filled with “new and delicious” such as “first store in Japan” and “first store in Kyushu”! ! It is also recommended for lunch and dinner ♪

Fukuoka's new tourist attraction "BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA"! !
We are waiting for you to visit us! !

*Business hours vary depending on the food floor and attraction floor. Click here for details

Event Hall (6F)




For those coming by car

PayPay Dome baseball date/concert date

(Fixed rate: 3,000 yen)

Usage amountService contents
all daySpend more than 2,000 yen including tax1,000 yen refund
Spend more than 4,000 yen including tax2,000 yen refund
Spend more than 6,000 yen including tax3,000 yen refund
* All charges between stores can be combined

PayPay Dome event non-holding day

(Hourly rate system: 300 yen for the first hour, plus 150 yen for every 30 minutes thereafter)

Usage amountService contents
weekdaySpend 1 yen or more including taxFree for up to 5 hours
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidaysFree for up to 3 hours