To all visitors

We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding the following rules so that all visitors can enjoy, be safe and secure.

1. Prohibited acts

The following acts are prohibited in the hall. If you do prohibited acts without the permission of the staff (including security guards), or if you do not listen to the staff's instructions, we will take measures such as moving out of the hall and removing personal belongings, and we will refuse further admission. Please note that there may be cases.

  1. Smoking behaviors (including electronic cigarettes) outside designated areas
  2. Unattended place-keeping for a long time
  3. Sitting and lying down in the hall
  4. Dangerous acts on escalator/stairs (backward movement of escalator, action using handrails as slides, etc.)
  5. Meals outside the restaurant area
  6. Feeding animals
  7. Bringing food and drink, bottles and cans into prohibited areas
  8. Bringing pets into the building (except for assistance dogs)
  9. Bringing in household waste
  10. Bringing explosives, gun swords, fireworks, firecrackers, drugs, poisonous deleterious substances, and other dangerous materials (including cases where you are taking them).
  11. Violent acts (verbs, threats, extortion, intimidation, violence, etc.)
  12. Use of outlet in the building
  13. Entry into the planting and logging activities
  14. Entry into the restricted area
  15. Shooting in a manner that disturbs other customers, such as obstruction of traffic or invasion of privacy, shooting in prohibited areas
  16. Shooting for purposes other than commemorative photography and personal viewing purposes, such as live distribution or long-time recording of audio and video that can be viewed by an unspecified number of people via the Internet and other media without the permission of the organizer.
  17. Unauthorized business activities, selling/gifting/resale of admission tickets, etc. (including wandering for the purpose of duffing), distribution of leaflets, questionnaires, advertisement activities, recordings and other meetings Holding
  18. Acts that disturb the safety, discipline, or order in the hall and cause nuisance to other customers
  19. Prohibited acts posted separately in the hall
  20. All other acts that hinder the progress of events and facility operation and management
  21. Acts that obstruct the staff or performers more than necessary, or ambush or monitor them, which significantly hinders work.
  22. Damage to facilities, equipment, and other third parties' property, damages (including mischief) and theft, admission tickets, and forgery of vouchers with various rights, and voyeuring of other customers or employees. Acts that violate laws and regulations

2. About tickets

  1. Please refer to the E-ZO Ticket System Service Terms of Service.
  2. Regarding each type of ticket, please be aware of the precautions at the time of purchase and the precautions for each facility on the E/ZO official website (see the facility introduction page on the E/ZO official website and the entrance to each facility). Please use.

3. About the event

Please follow the rules set by each event organizer.

4. Use of coin lockers and parking lots

  1. Please refer to the locker rental agreement posted on the coin locker.
  2. There is no dedicated parking lot for BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA, please use the parking lot of PayPay Dome, where the parking lot discount service is applied according to the amount of money you spend.
    Please check the rules and precautions for each parking lot before using.

5. About gang exclusion

We strongly discourage the use of facilities by gangsters, persons related to gangsters, and other antisocial forces.

6. Request for cooperation

  1. Please cooperate in the separate collection of garbage.
  2. BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA is working to improve the smoking environment from the perspective of preventing second-hand smoke. Please smoke in the designated smoking area.
  3. As the number is limited, please refrain from using the wheelchairs rented in the building for a long time.
  4. The portrait and voice of the customer may be photographed and recorded in the hall. Please check the details below before entering the building.

* The captured and recorded audio and video may be used during or after the event on various media such as screening screens inside and outside the venue, printed materials, television broadcasting, Internet distribution, DVD, etc. When shooting and recording audio and video, we will use it for the following purposes.

  1. Event production
  2. Create event record
  3. Corporate relations activities of Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Co., Ltd. and group companies
  4. Advertising activities for products of affiliated companies
  5. Product sales and service provision