[March performance] Yoshimoto Fukuoka Daiwa Fund Wrap Theater

We would like to inform you of the performance information for Yoshimoto Fukuoka Daiwa Fan Wrap Theater in March 2024.
Spring is almost upon us, but isn't it a tough time to prepare for the new year?
We offer a “moment of laughter” for you! Laugh and blow away your accumulated fatigue! !
Popular comedians from all over the country will be appearing one after another in March, including Okamizu, Magical Lovely, Milk Boy, Long Coat Daddy, Ginshari, Miki, Sayaka, Suue Hirogarizu, Cotton, and Mayurika! !
We look forward to seeing you there.

Performance information for March 2024

1st (Friday)

President of Nippon/Totto/Henderson

2nd (Sat)

Punk Boo Boo / Go Shogi / Sayaka / Yuriyan Retriever / Biscuit Brothers / Double Higashi / Moriyasu Bambam Bigaro / President of Nippon

3rd (Sun)

COWCOW/Go Shogi/Sayaka/Yuriyan Retriever/Moriyasu Bambam Bigaro/ZAZY

7th (Thu)

Borujuku/Mustard lotus root/Red ginger

8th (Friday)

Double Higashi/9th Avenue Retro/Yoneda 2000

9th (Sat)

Suue Hirogarizu/Mayurika/Cotton/Nelson's/Yuniverse/Rainbow/Daitaku/That Guy/Dennis

10th (Sun)

Magical Lovely/Milk Boy/Gerardon/Sar Gorilla/Genius Pianist/Fujisaki Market *Appears only in the ③ performance

15th (Friday)

Long Coat Daddy/Japan's President Tsuji/Frog Tei

16th (Sat)

Tenderer/Laughing Meal/Rainbow/Frog-tei/Kevins

17th (Sun)

Razor Ramon/Gallop/Indians/Aquina/Rainbow

18th (Monday)

1 billion yen/guro

20th (Wednesday/Holiday)

COWCOW/Total Ten Bosch/Air Stairs/Akina/Yuniverse/ZAZY

22nd (Friday)

Korokoro Chiki Chiki Peppers/Maison

23rd (Sat)

Gallop / Wall Poster / CoroCoro Chiki Chiki Peppers / Shared Seat Start / Maison / Harukaze ni Shukuto

24th (Sun)

Long Coat Daddy/Indians/Borujuku/Sar Gorilla/Kazuyuki Sakuma/Status

25th (Monday)

Gambare Ruya/Simo Ryu

26th (Tuesday)


29th (Friday)

Reiwa Roman/Nightingale Dance

30th (Sat)

Warai Meshi/Trendy Angel/Metal Bat/Nightingale Dance

31st (Sun)

Silver Shari/Metal Bat/Miki/Ganbaruya/Fusuya

*Please note that performers are subject to change.