[December performance] Yoshimoto Fukuoka Daiwa Fund Wrap Theater

We would like to inform you about the December performance information of Yoshimoto Fukuoka Daiwa Fan Wrap Theater. Luxury guests will appear one after another in December! December is finally here, and the year 2023 is coming to an end this month, and a new year, 2024, will arrive next month. Why don't you come and see us for "Laughter"? “Yoshimoto Fukuoka Daiwa Fund Wrap Theater” is a space where everyone who comes leaves with a smile on their face! ! We look forward to seeing you there.

"Children's price" is now available!

Perfect for winter vacation! Children's rates are now available for "Fukuoka Yoshimoto Comedy Live"! The regular admission fee is 2,700 yen in advance and 3,000 yen on the day, but for junior high school students and younger, admission is 1,500 yen on the day.
(Children under 5 years old or under 110cm tall do not need a seat.)

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December performance information

1st (Friday)

President of Nippon

2nd (Sat)

New York/Oswald/Total Ten Bosch/Rainbow/Nightingale Dance

3rd (Sun)

Suue Hirogarizu/Plus Minus/Miki/Indians/Rainbow/Nightingale Dance

5th (Tuesday)

Guardian dog/Heights Friendship Association

8th (Friday)

Sayaka/Yoneda 2000/Reiwa Roman

9th (Sat)

Jarujaru/COWCOW/Moriyasu Bambam Bigaro/Kevins/Reiwa Roman

10th (Sun)

Miki / Wall Poster / Shared seating start / Kazuyuki Sakuma / Double Higashi / Fusuya

11th (Monday)

Genius Pianist/Fusuya

14th (Thursday)


15th (Friday)

Long Coat Daddy/Male Swing/President of Japan/Mayurika

16th (Sat)

Milk Boy/Indians/Moriyasu Bambam Bigaro/Mayurika/Frog Tei/Takine/Neighbor

17th (Sun)

Warai Meshi / Gin Shari / Akina / Kogaken / ZAZY

21st (Thu)


22nd (Friday)

Metal bat/air staircase/tot

23rd (Sat)

Wagyu beef / Punk Boo Boo / Metal bat / Kogaken / Kazuyuki Sakuma

24th (Sun)

Trendy Angel/Plus Minus/Gerardon/Fujisaki Market

25th (Monday)

Black mayonnaise / Floor plan / Silver Shari / Air stairs / Total Ten Bosch / Wall poster

26th (Tuesday)

Warai Meshi/Miki/Razor Ramon/ZAZY/Fusuya/Genius Pianist

27th (Wednesday)

Jaru Jaru / Hirogarizu Suwe / Yano Hyodo / President of Japan / Oswald

28th (Thursday)

Einstein / Sayaka / Borujuku / Tenderer / Akina / Moriyasu Bambam Bigalo

29th (Friday)

Plus Minus/Razor Ramon/Yoneda 2000/President of Nippon

30th (Sat)

COWCOW/Frog Tei/Genius Pianist/Okazu Club/Takioto/Simo Ryu/Totto/Dr. Heinrich

31st (Sun)

Sargorilla/Total Ten Bosch/Korokoro Chiki Chiki Peppers/Shared seat start/ZAZY