Full of chocolate! Ozeki Pitcher's Shiratama Chocolate Parfait Appears♪

From Tuesday, May 30th, I love chocolate! ! A new "chocolate parfait" made by Ozeki pitcher is now available♪ It will be sold at the concourse gate 2 "Nikuyama" Fukuoka and BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA "Nikuyama Shokudo"! Please enjoy a luxurious parfait that uses plenty of Ozeki's favorite foods, such as chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate cream, and chocolate.

About “Ozeki pitcher’s shiratama chocolate parfait”

A parfait with plenty of favorite chocolate is completed at the request of pitcher Ozeki! ! The chocolate parfait made with ingredients selected from the development stage is worth eating! Ozeki pitcher puts special shiratama on top of the parfait, saying, "I think it's delicious! I want everyone to eat it too!!"

Product nameOzeki Pitcher's Shiratama Chocolate Parfait
Price (tax included)1,100 yen
Store①Fukuoka PayPay Dome Concourse Gate 2 "Nikuyama" Fukuoka
② BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 3F Meat Mountain Restaurant
*Opening hours here
*Pitcher Ozeki's shiratama chocolate parfait will be on sale from the start of the game.

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* Contents and prices may change suddenly depending on the purchase situation.

The development of pitcher Ozeki's shiratama chocolate parfait is also available on "Official YouTube"♪

Check out the taste test here!