Spice curry specialty store "Spice Maniacs" re-appears

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The spice cuisine creation group "Spice Maniacs", which was well received when it opened last time, will reappear at The FOODHALL on the 3rd floor for a limited time from March 7th (Tuesday) to April 16th (Sunday)! This time as well, we will offer a special spice curry by spice mania every day. Please enjoy this opportunity ♪

What is "Spice Maniacs (provisional)"?

A fanatic spice cuisine creation group spun off from the Facebook group "Kyushu Curry Alliance" for curry lovers in Kyushu, by curry lovers in Kyushu. The members consist of a diverse range of members, including curry enthusiasts who are themselves creators, popular curry shop owners, Nepalese buyers, and food fitters who run cooking classes.

Store overview

Store namespice maniacs
periodMarch 7 (Tue) - April 16 (Sun)
HoursBusiness hours vary according to the dome event.
[(1) No event] 11:00-17:00 (Order stop at 16:00)
[② When the night game is held] 11: 00-23: 00 (order stop at 22:15)
[③ When the day game is held] 11: 00-20: 00 (order stop at 19:00)
*In the first week after the opening, from March 7th (Tuesday) to 12th (Sunday), regardless of whether there is an event or not, the business hours will be ①.
Regular holidayevery Monday
Beside "Yakiniku Akami Nikugato"
* Frozen foods that are perfect for souvenirs are also sold

Product example

Daily spice curry

Sales price: 800 yen to 1,600 yen
Spice enthusiasts' discerning curry appears every day
Sometimes menus that are not curry may appear depending on the mood...

Take-out curry

Sales price: 800 yen to 1,600 yen
You can also take out our special curry.
Why don't you change your mood a little and try spice curry today as a stadium gourmet when watching a baseball game?

Various Asian sweets

Sales price: 300 yen to 800 yen
We also sell Asian sweets such as baked sweets!
The use as a cafe is also welcome. Of course you can take it home or bring it to the dome!

★You can bring take-out products from other stores into the "Spice Maniacs" store! ★

"I want to eat spice curry, but I'm not good with companions..."
We would like such people to use our store, so we will be able to bring in takeout products from other stores!
*However, the products that can be brought in are limited to the products from TheFOODHALL stores on the 3rd floor of E・ZO.

*Information as of March 2nd.
*Subject to change without notice. Any changes will be announced on the official website.