[11/14~] "Oita Saiki Ingredients Fair" will be held at Daikichi Sushi!

The FOODHALL "Kyushu Hakata Daikichi Sushi" on the 3rd floor will hold the "Oita Saiki Ingredient Fair" where you can enjoy seasonal ingredients from Saiki City, Oita Prefecture from Monday, November 14th. Enjoy the delicious gourmet food of Saiki City while staying in Fukuoka with sushi such as "Bijin Yellowtail" and "Shirasu Gunkan" delivered directly from the production area in Saiki City, Oita Prefecture♪. Please come and visit us at this opportunity.

Address3F The FOODHALL Kyushu Hakata Daikichi Sushi
periodNovember 14th (Monday) to 30th (Wednesday)

Menu (part)

Kabosu flounder (2 pieces) 352 yen

Bijin yellowtail (2 pieces) 352 yen

Yellowtail eating comparison (3 pieces) 495 yen

Fried whitebait warship (2 pieces) 286 yen

・Wakamusha hamachi (2 pieces) 352 yen
・Assorted seafood from Saiki (bijin yellowtail, kabosu flounder, kabosu yellowtail, boiled whitebait warship, true oyster Umishizuku) 968 yen

[Sponsor] Saiki City, Oita Prefecture [Cooperation] JF Oita Crossline Co., Ltd.

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