Completely produced by Mori Pitcher! The third edition of Mori Parfait is now on sale!

From August 5th (Friday), the third installment of the parfait “Mori Pitcher’s Parfait (abbreviated as Mori Parfait)”, which is a parfait dedicated to pitcher Mori, who loves sweets from Hawks 1, will be released! A cute sticker will also be given to those who purchase it♪ Please enjoy it not only during the baseball game, but also as a finishing touch after watching a baseball game! !

Third bullet content

Fruits change with the seasons! This time, "Shine Muscat" is the main dish♪
The grapes that Mori pitcher likes so much that he professed that "fruits are strawberries and grapes!" when devising a parfait. I used Shine Muscat this time. Please try the parfait that Mori pitcher himself ate and was very satisfied with, "It's delicious!"
*The second edition (Peach x Yogurt Gelato) will be discontinued.

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Product nameMori pitcher's closing parfait
*The fruits used in the parfait change depending on the season. (Changed to Shine Muscat from August 5th (Friday))
price1,400 yen
Store"Nikuyama" Fukuoka in PayPay Dome Concourse Gate 2
The FOODHALL Shokudo

* Nikuyama Shokudo business hours Here
* Nikuyama Shokudo will be on sale after the start of the match on the official match date at PayPay Dome.

Check RKB Online for the first pitcher Mori and supervision

■ Hawks x Tadaima! Click here for the missed delivery of pitcher Yuito Mori's parfait-produced project


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・ Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, sales may not be available.