[7/23 ~] Full stamina! Gourmand is perfect for summer!

From Saturday, July 23, a summer-only menu with the themes of "stamina" and "cold" that are perfect for summer will appear! After playing a lot, eat well and get over the hot summer! We look forward to your visit.

Sale period: From Saturday, July 23
Sales location: 3rd floor The FOODHALL

Ramen × Ramen Bar Warm Life

Product nameG series Aburayama ramen
price1,380 yen

Perfect stamina with diced char siu, pork cartilage, backfat, and garlic!

Nikuyama dining room

Product nameGarlic miso sauce stamina sagari steak bowl set
price1,600 yen

A hearty steak bowl topped with fried garlic chips and eggs that you want to eat in the summer.

Kyoto Tempura Flower Raft

Product namecream soda
price550 yen each

Cream soda perfect for summer! With three colors inspired by summer, there is no doubt that it will look great on SNS. Recommended for dessert after eating tempura!

Yakiniku lean nigakuto

Product nameSpicy soup
price550 yen

The fluffy texture and pungent spiciness of the egg make you want to drink it while sweating.

Kyushu Hakata Daikichi Sushi E ・ ZO store

Product nameAssortment of 3 types of stamina
price1,100 yen

Three types of sushi that are perfect for summer: roast beef from Saga beef, roasted Japanese beef, and roasted eel.

Fire Hall 4000-Fukuoka-

Product nameTantanmen without chilled soup
price1,200 yen

It is irresistible for those who like dandan noodles! Tantan noodles with a little spicy seasoning! Soup and almond tofu are also included ♪

SCALES Nakameguro BOSS E ・ ZO Fukuoka (* All dressings can be selected.)

Product nameClassic double MIX
price1650 yen

Recommended for those who feel that the usual classic is not enough!

Product nameClassic seafood double MAX
price1890 yen

The number of seafood has doubled, making it an irresistible dish for seafood lovers!

Product nameClassic protein 50
price1800 yen

In addition to the contents of the grand menu, chickpeas, tofu, petit tomatoes, and hot spring eggs are added.
If you are training, please take this opportunity to try it!

Product nameClassic veggie 10 chicken
price1590 yen

Plenty of vegetables with broccoli, spinach, cabbage, tofu and petit tomatoes.

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