First landing in Japan! 8/5 (Friday) The long-established chicken rice specialty store "Chatterbox" in Singapore is newly opened!

The Singapore chicken rice specialty store "CHATTERBOX EXPRESS", which will open for the first time in Japan on August 5th (Friday), will open in BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA!
"Chatterbox" is a traditional long-established Singapore chicken rice specialty store that is popular with Singaporeans and tourists as "Legendary Chicken Rice" due to its high quality of taste and long history of the brand. "Mandarin chicken rice" has been a popular signboard menu since its establishment. Please enjoy the authentic taste unique to the home.

Store overview

Opening dateFriday, August 5, 2022
Hours11: 00-22: 00
* Same as BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA business
Street address2-2-6 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

What is a chatter box?

A long-established Singapore chicken rice specialty store with a history of 52 years and popularity, opened in 1971 in Singapore's 5-star hotel "Mandarin Orchard Singapore". This is the first restaurant in Japan to offer chicken rice, which was popular as soul food and street food at that time, as a high-class gourmet that you can enjoy at the hotel dining. We have been loved by the people as "Legendary Chicken Rice" due to our commitment to taste quality, inherited history and brand, and have provided a place to eat for tourists from all over the world. "CHATTER BOX EXPRESS" is a second line brand newly created so that you can enjoy it more casually while keeping the taste and manufacturing method of the chatter box.

Offer menu * Some

Mandarin Chicken Rice
Mandarin chicken rice
1,320 yen
Bak kut teh
Bak kut teh
1,408 yen

Laksa Noodle
Laksa noodles
1,628 yen

* The menu is an example.
* All displayed prices include tax.

Open commemorative campaign held!

Limited to 3 days from the grand opening! Two special commemorative campaigns will be held for those who follow Chatterbox's Instagram account (@ chatterboxexpress.fuk)!

Mandarin chicken rice is offered with one coin!

【period】August 5th (Fri) to 7th (Sun), 2022
[Details]For everyone who follows the Instagram account and shares the campaign post, we will offer the mandarin chicken rice regular price of 1,320 yen, which is a signboard menu, at the campaign special price of 500 yen.

If you wear a yellow item and come to the store, you will receive a 20% discount coupon!

【period】August 5th (Fri) to 7th (Sun), 2022
[Details]Follow your Instagram account and give a 20% discount coupon that you can use next time to everyone who comes to the store wearing the yellow one that is the brand color of Chatterbox.