[Limited to 3/3] Gorgeous rose chirashizushi with Japanese beef "SHIKIBU"

This year's Hinamatsuri is Yakiniku lean meat ♪ We are accepting reservations for the gorgeous rose chirashizushi "SHIKIBU" with a gorgeous dining table! You can enjoy the stunning rose chirashizushi, which is a condensed version of many fine and polite craftsmanship, not only as it is, but also with a special soup stock and roasted green tea salt in a hitsumabushi style. You can also add caviar toppings for +2500 yen ♪ The deadline for reservations is February 28 (Monday).

Details of "SHIKIBU"


6,000 yen
1 can of caviar topping for +2,500 yen

Details of contents

・ Luxury ingredients
(Wagyu fillet, karasumi, clams, marinated clam soup stock, rice with soup stock, foam soy sauce, spring vegetables that feel the breath of spring)
・ Dedicated soup stock (for Hitsumabushi style)
・ Hojicha salt

Reservation acceptance period

Reservation accepted-February 28 (Monday)

Receivable date

March 3, 2022 (Thursday) 15: 00-only on that day

StoreYakiniku lean nigakuto
Hours11: 00-22: 00 Last order 21:00
* Business hours may change in a hurry.
Reservation / Inquiry092-401-0055

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