Oyster hut Izo SNS campaign! !!

An SNS campaign will be held for a limited time at "Oyster Hut Izo", which is very popular under the PayPay dome! !! If you use the oyster hut and follow the "oyster hut Izo" on Instagram, you will receive one fried chicken from the "Kyushu specialty chicken wings" or one soft serve ice cream from the "Daimyo soft serve" ♪

Target storesKyushu specialty Tome chicken wings kitchen car
Daimyo soft cream kitchen car
Implementation periodScheduled for December 18th (Sat), 19th (Sun), 25th (Sat), and 26th (Sun)
* Daimyo soft cream kitchen car is open only on 19th (Sun)
HoursScheduled from 11:00 to 18:00
* Order stop is 1 hour before closing
AddressFukuoka PayPay Dome 5 Gate Shimoyamakasa Square

Oyster hut Izo Price list * Some

Table fee 400 yen


1 basket of oysters (Murotsu, Hyogo Prefecture) 1,300 yen

Seasoning * You can bring your own

■ Free
Ponzu, soy sauce, lemon, tabasco, mayonnaise, ketchup, yuzu pepper, seven flavors, gochujang, doubanjiang, basil sauce, palmezan cheese, etc.

■ Paid
One piece of cheese 100 yen
One piece of butter (about 8g) 100 yen
(Limited quantity) Homemade tartar sauce 50 yen

We also have many other side menus! !!


Beer 720 yen

Lemon sour 600 yen

Highball 600 yen

Soft drink 260 yen, etc.

お問い合わせ・予約 080-2783-8444

* Please refrain from bringing in drinks (including water bottles).
* All prices include tax.