December recommended "beef tongue" menu special feature

Introducing the recommended menu for December, which will appear at each 3F The FOODHALL
The FOODHALL stores have prepared elaborate menus with a close-up of "beef tongue" that you can enjoy in various ways such as boiling and baking.


Beef tongue pizza basil sauce M size 1,700 yen, L size 2,700 yen

Introducing "Beef tongue pizza basil sauce" with plenty of beef tongue spread from IL LUPINO.
The taste of beef tongue with a moderate thickness and the accent of basil and pepper are the decisive gems.
Please share and enjoy with pasta and the famous "meatball tomato sauce".


"Yakiniku lean meat nigato"

Thick sliced beef tongue salt 1,760 yen

Yakiniku lean meat has a great impact from Nikugatou! Introducing "thick sliced beef tongue salt".
A menu that surprises me, "I have never seen such a thick beef tongue!" You can enjoy the impact of the appearance and the unique taste and texture of beef tongue. Of course, season with salt!


"Kyushu Hakata Daikichi Sushi"

Roasted soft beef tongue 649 yen

From Daikichi Sushi, we will introduce a gorgeous "soft roasted beef tongue".
Beef tongue marinated with several kinds of vegetables in the store is carefully and softly finished by low-temperature cooking. Why don't you spend this Christmas while enjoying seasonal ingredients at Daikichi Sushi?

A conveyor belt sushi restaurant produced by Hakata's famous stores, "Kawataro, the origin of squid sushi" and "Original Hakata Mae Sushi Kawasho". There is no doubt that you will be very satisfied with the sushi that you can hold the freshly selected ingredients with your reliable arms.

"Nikuyama Shokudo"

Meat mountain tongue stew
Bread stock baguette included 1,280 yen
Bread stock bucket with all-you-can-eat 1,480 yen

Introducing "Nikuyama Tan Stew" that warms your body and soul from the Nikuyama Shokudo.
The restaurant's special tongue stew, which has been carefully stewed over time, is a must-try item at this time of year.
Please enjoy with the baguette of the popular shop "Pain Stock".


"Kyoto tempura flower squid"

"Tan salt lemon tendon" 1,000 yen

Because it is tempura flower squid, we will introduce "Tanshio Lemon Tendon", a bowl with a new texture using beef tongue.
This is a new type of tempura bowl where you can enjoy the crispy beef tongue tempura made with olive oil, which is the specialty of the restaurant, with salt and lemon seasoning.

A restaurant specializing in tempura and tendon bowls newly created by Kyoto's restaurant "Miyakawacho Suiren". Crispy, sticking to the chef
You can enjoy freshly fried tempura with a bowl or set meal.

The FOODHALL, we also have a menu that uses ingredients unique to winter and a course menu that is nice for Christmas, family and friends' gatherings, and we look forward to your visit.

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