``teamLab Forest Fukuoka'' becomes a spring scenery with cherry blossoms blooming.

Starting Friday, March 1st, the 5th floor "teamLab Forest Fukuoka - SBI Securities" will feature a spring view of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Starting February 1st (Thursday), various creatures drawn by everyone move on a three-dimensional topography with different heights. Graffiti Nature in the Pulsating Valley is a space where you can see cherry blossoms from the creatures. Flowers begin to bloom. Also, in ``Catch and Collect Forest,'' the forest where animals live transforms into a spring landscape where cherry blossoms bloom.

teamLab's works are drawn in real time by computer programs and are forever changing. One of its characteristics is that it changes with the seasons, and in this exhibition, the works that change with the actual seasons change to spring scenery.

What is “teamLab Forest Fukuoka – SBI Securities”?

It is a new museum consisting of "Forest to catch and collect" and "Forest of movement" by Art Collective TeamLab.
"Catch and collect forest" is based on the concept of "catch, observe, and unleash", with the main purpose of exploring, discovering, catching, and expanding interest with what you catch. It is a new "learning space". Explore your smartphone with one hand, catch and observe various animals, and create your own collection picture book.
"Forest of Exercise" is a new "creative exercise space" that trains spatial cognitive ability with the concept of "capturing the world with the body and thinking three-dimensionally". Immerse yourself in an interactive world with a strong physicality in a complex and three-dimensional space.

Exhibition details:


Admission ticketPrice (tax included)
Adult (16 years old and over)2,400 yen
Dwarf (4 to 15 years old)1,000 yen

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