We are accepting wedding photos at E ・ ZO and PayPay Dome ♪

BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA and “Pre-shooting / Wedding Photo” that can be taken at Fukuoka PayPay Dome are now available ♪ Would you like to capture the sunny appearance of the two in a unique space and place? Please use it as a memory of your marriage.

Please check the following page for details.

Click here for details on pre-shooting and bridal photography

TeamLab Forest Fukuoka – Taken at SBI Securities

You can take a picture of two people in "teamLab Forest Fukuoka-SBI Securities" on the 5th floor. Please pay one of your memories in the art space and fantastic space created by Art Collective TeamLab.

Learn more about teamLab Forest Fukuoka – SBI SECURITIES.

Shootable dateAs a general rule, before opening or after closing (during non-business hours)
Time requiredApproximately 80 minutes (including preparation and withdrawal time)

Taken at Fukuoka PayPay Dome

In the "Fukuoka PayPay Dome", the home of the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, you can take pictures on the ground, and you can also use the rooms normally used by professional baseball players, such as "bench", "locker", and "press conference". Enjoy shooting in a special space as well as professional baseball fans and Hawks fans. In addition, as an option, we also offer the projection of the original banner on "Hawks Vision", the stand, and the appearance of the Hawks family.

Shootable dateAs a general rule, non-professional baseball official game dates and event dates
Shootable placePayPay dome
Grounds, benches, lockers, press conferences, etc.
Time requiredApproximately 120 minutes (including preparation and withdrawal time)

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