Notes on using (clothes, shoes, etc.)

In order to ensure the safety of our customers, "Superb Attraction" and "teamLab Forest - SBI SECURITIES Co., Ltd." may not be able to use the content depending on the customer's clothes and shoes.
Please be sure to check and cooperate with us before purchasing or visiting the ticket.

[About clothes and shoes that may be refused]

Superb Attraction (Tube Slider, Climbing & Bouldering, Rail Coaster)

・Customers who wear clothing that interferes with safety equipment such as skirts and dresses
・Customers who wear shoes as shown in the figure above

teamLab Forest - SBI SECURITIES Co., Ltd.

・Customers who wear shoes as shown in the above figure

For other precautions (age, weight restrictions, etc.), please be sure to read the precautions for each content.
*In addition, we may refrain from using if we judge that there is a safety problem.