[Preview Report] Official Ambassador Kanako Momota Experiences "Immersive Museum FUKUOKA supported by FORTINET"!

"Immersive Museum FUKUOKA supported by FORTINET" will be held from Saturday, April 29th at BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 6F next to Fukuoka PayPay Dome! Ms. Kanako Momota, the official ambassador of the museum, was the first to experience a new sensory experience-type museum where you can immerse yourself in the world of "Impressionist" works of art, including Monet. Here is a report on the press conference for the "Immersive Museum FUKUOKA supported by FORTINET" attended by Mr. Momota on April 26 (Wednesday).

State of private exhibition


Kanako Momota, the official ambassador of the "Immersive Museum FUKUOKA supported by FORTINET", made an appearance at the private viewing this time, and she actually experienced the immersive museum and talked about her impressions of the experience.

When asked about his impressions of the immersive museum experience, he said, "It's a very powerful space in a large space, and the feeling that the paintings are closing in on me. They approached me from the outside, and not only did they approach me, but I felt as if they were taking me directly into that world.”

Also, "I usually do art programs, but I think there are people who feel that art is a distant existence, so I want to convey wonderful works to many people, including those who like painting, so as an ambassador. I would like to convey the appeal of the museum! I think that even first-timers will find it very easy to visit, so I would be happy if they could get interested in art through the immersive museum.”

Finally, we received a message saying, "I want everyone to enjoy the new sensation of being immersed in the world of painting. Please come and visit us!"

Introducing some of the works

About the Immersive Museum

This is a new type of experiential art exhibition that converts world-famous works of art into video content and provides immersive video and a special audio experience that fills the walls and floors of a vast indoor space. We will provide visitors with a new "viewpoint" of art appreciation by providing an "immersive" style from the conventional "appreciation" style. The "Immersive Museum" is a symbol of "Art 2.0" that expands the art experience in Japan by developing a new era of art content from analog art like conventional museums to cutting-edge digital art.

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