On the 16th, we will sell beetles and stag beetles at the contact corner!

“Event Hall!
Therefore, on the final day, the 16th (Tuesday), we will sell all the beetles and stag beetles that were active in the contact corner.
Don't miss this last chance to purchase precious Kabuto and Stag Beetles!

About living body sale of contact corner

Beetles and stag beetles that appeared by the 15th (Monday)

It will be sold at the venue from 8:30 to 17:00 on the 16th (Tue).

16th (Tuesday) Kabuto stag beetle that appeared on the day

It will be sold at the venue from 16:15 to 17:00 on the 16th (Tue).
* The sales start time may be delayed depending on the business conditions of the contact corner. Please note.

Live animals can be purchased even if you do not have a ticket for "Look! Touch! Forest of Beetles and Stag Beetles".

Regarding change of business hours

Due to the above, we will change the business hours of the 16th (Tues) as follows.
Before change) 8:30-17:00
After change) 8:30-16:15 (Last entry 16:00)