Gita-sensei Exhibition Visitor Present Campaign!

At the "More! More! More! Gita-sensei Exhibition" held on the 6th floor BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA next to the PayPay Dome, a campaign will be held in which visitors will be given a lottery gift according to the match results of Yanagita the day before. !! In addition, a campaign will be held for visitors on June 23 (Thursday), which is the day when Yanagita hits his first professional hit and hits 100 home runs. Do not miss!

Campaign overview

Campaign target day (only during the period of the Gita-sensei exhibition)

・ The day after Yanagita hit a home run in the official game
・ The day after Yanagita decided the smashing award in the official game
・ Thursday, June 23

Target person

More on the target day! more! more! All those who visited the Gita-sensei exhibition (* excluding those under 2 years old)

Present contents

Yanagita's Captain's Armband (not for sale)

※The photograph is an image

Lottery method

At the time of admission, each person turns the galapon once, and if there is a hit, a gift will be given!