"Showa Construction presents Touch the Dinosaur Adventure Exhibition" will be held from 7/9!

"Showa Construction presents Touch the Dinosaur Adventure Exhibition" will be held on the 6th floor of "BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA" from Saturday, July 9th to Sunday, September 11th! Can you safely escape from the maze of giant dinosaurs? !! Exhibit valuable real fossils and experience fossil excavation. Let's dive into the world of dinosaurs together during the summer vacation!

[Updated 6/1] Event period has been expanded Before change: Until Sunday, August 28 → After change: Until Sunday, September 11

Contents of the event (partial)

Encounter a giant dinosaur in the maze!

Dinosaurs appear in E ・ ZO beyond space-time!
As you progress through the maze, you will encounter powerful dinosaur robots with a total length of over 5 meters, such as Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus! Let's escape from the maze full of gimmicks while enjoying the encounter with the giant dinosaurs!

Exhibit precious fossils!

A miracle fossil of the battle between Protoceratops and Velociraptor, which was discovered in Mongolia, is now open to the public! Please take a look at the precious fossils that still have the appearance of dinosaurs fighting each other.

The half-body skeleton of the world's most graceful Tyrannosaurus "Stan", one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs, is on display. Please enjoy the powerful and elegant Tyrannosaurus "Stan". In addition, two whole body skeletons are exhibited.

Experience fossil excavation!

Let's experience excavation of buried dinosaur fossils ♪ You can experience simulated fossil excavation using the brush that is also used in actual excavation.

In the excavation tent, we explain in an easy-to-understand manner the excavation tools and the process of making fossils! Learn more about fossil excavation!

Touch the real fossils!

We will exhibit real tooth fossils of Spinosaurus and Mosasaurus that are about the same size as Tyrannosaurus. These fossils are actually touchable and can be observed in more detail.

A model of the femur and full-scale forefoot of Apatosaurus, which is said to have been over 22m in length, is on display. The model of the forefoot can be climbed and sat down! Feel the size of Apatosaurus on your skin!

There is also a touch station where you can touch fossils such as real ammonites and dinosaur eggs. We have a lot of fossils and models to touch, so let's enjoy the dinosaur world at "Showa Construction presents Touch the Dinosaur Adventure Exhibition" during the summer vacation!

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Outline of "Showa Construction presents Touch the Dinosaur Adventure Exhibition"

nameShowa Construction presents Touch The Dynasaw Dinosaur Adventure Exhibition
Venue2-2-6 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Holding periodJuly 9th (Sat) -September 11th (Sun), 2022
Admission fee (tax included)Adults (high school students and above) 1,600 yen
Children (elementary school students and above) 900 yen
Infants (3 years old to preschoolers) 500 yen
Ticket salesTicket sale on June 1st (Wednesday)
Ticket purchase Here