Fluffy Cinnamoroll Exhibition Collaboration Gourmand Appears ♪

March 4th (Friday) -April 10th (Sunday) "Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Fluffy Cinnamoroll Exhibition" Limited to the period ♪ Collaboration sweets using cute Cinnamoroll mugs are now available! If you order collaboration sweets, you can take the mug home with you ♪ As soon as the specified quantity is reached, the sale will end, so please come to the store as soon as possible!

> Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Fluffy Cinnamoroll Exhibition Held!

Cinnamoroll exhibition collaboration sweets are now available!

Sales location: 3F MLB café FUKUOKA

Product nameCinnamoroll Magmini Pafe
Selling price900 yen
Product nameCinnamoroll mug plate
Selling price1,400 yen

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