Fureai Zoo North Safari Sapporo Admission ticket is on sale!

Animals from Japan's most dangerous zoo and the hottest experience-based theme park "North Safari Sapporo" are coming to BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA! With zero distance to animals, you can touch and feed almost all animals in the facility ♪
There is no doubt that you will be thrilled and excited, such as a snake's neck-wrapping experience, a crocodile's duck experience, a commemorative photo with a red fox and a duck experience, a commemorative photo with an owl and a hawk, and an arm-mounted experience! Furthermore, for a limited time, a child lion will appear at the time of opening, a reindeer for Christmas, and a tiger for next year's zodiac!
* A separate fee is required for the premium experience.

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Animals that appear for a limited time

・ November 20th (Sat) -December 5th (Sun) Children's Lion
・ December 6th (Monday) -December 25th (Saturday) Reindeer
・ December 26th (Sun) -January 10th (Monday / holiday) Tiger

Child lion

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Set ticket

"North Safari Sapporo + teamLab Set", a great plan that includes "North Safari Sapporo" and "teamLab Forest Fukuoka-SBI Securities", is also on sale at the same time!

Event overview

nameComplete self-responsibility! ?? Fureai Zoo North Safari Sapporo
Venue2-2-6 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Holding periodNovember 20, 2021 (Sat) -January 10, 2022 (Mon / holiday)
Admission fee (tax included)Adults (high school students and above) 1,500 yen
Children (elementary and junior high school students) 900 yen
Infants (3 years old to preschoolers) 500 yen
<Discount for people with disabilities>
Adults (high school students and above) 1,300 yen
Children (elementary and junior high school students) 700 yen
Infants (3 years old to preschoolers) 300 yen
* A separate fee is required for the premium experience.

<Set ticket>
TeamLab Forest Fukuoka – Set ticket with SBI Securities ¥ 3,100

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* Admission tickets will be on sale from November 3rd
Premium experience fee (tax included)
* Required separately from the admission fee
* Schedule and contents are subject to change.
Premium experiencePrice (tax included)
Commemorative photo with a child lion & experience1,000 yen
Child lion feeding experience1,000 yen
Commemorative photo with reindeer1,000 yen
Tiger feeding experience1,000 yen
Snake neck wrapping experience600 yen
Crocodile experience600 yen
Commemorative photo with owl & arm riding experience500 yen
Commemorative photo with hawk & arm riding experience500 yen
Meerkat and commemorative photo & Dakko experience500 yen
Commemorative photo with red fox & experience1,000 yen
Falconer experience1,000 yen
Sloth feeding experience600 yen
Notes・ There is a possibility that you may not be able to see the animals notified due to the physical condition of the animals, or you may cancel the premium experience.
・ You cannot use the flash to shoot inside the venue.
・ Acts that stimulate animals are prohibited.
・ Please do not give food other than food sold at the venue.
・ We are not responsible for any injuries, losses, damages, troubles, etc. in this facility.
・ Children under the age of 20 must be accompanied by a guardian to enter.
・ Customers who enter the venue are requested to wear a mask at all times.
・ We will measure the temperature of the customer at the entrance. Customers who are in poor physical condition, such as fever of 37.5 degrees or higher and strong fatigue (malaise), are not allowed to enter.
・ Tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances except for business suspension.
・ We do not allow animals, including assistance dogs, to enter the event venue.
OrganizerFukuoka Softbank Hawks Co., Ltd./TV Nishinippon