GW Hunko Museum is also open from 9 o'clock! Early morning discount

Tickets for "CHIKYU JIN presents Unko Museum FUKUOKA powered by HAWKS" will be on sale from April 29th (Thursday / holiday) to May 9th (Sunday) from April 20th (Tuesday)! During the period, you can enjoy a great deal with a special discount in the early morning! In addition, new products have appeared in Hawks collaboration goods! Let's get up early and enjoy the poop museum during Golden Week ♪

> [Ticket] Early morning special discount / general sale start

> [Saturday, May 8th, Sunday, May 9th, Taka Girl ♡ Day Limited] Pink my poop doubled!

> [Goods] Fukuoka limited Hawks collaboration goods new products are also available!

> [Present] Original sun visor present

> [For PayPay Dome Baseball Spectators] Bring a GW Dream Takarakuji and get a sticker!

■ Early morning special discount!

Open every day from 9:00 during the Golden Week period from April 29th (Thursday / holiday) to May 9th (Sunday)! Tickets can be purchased at a 200 yen discount during the hours from 9:00 to 11:00 on weekdays and from 9:00 to 10:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Product nameEarly morning special discount ticket
Content"CHIKYU JIN presents Unko Museum FUKUOKA Powered by HAWKS" admission ticket sold at a discount of 200 yen at the regular price
* Cannot be used in combination with other coupons
Release dateTuesday, April 20, 2021
Target date and timeTarget period: April 29, 2021 (Thursday / holiday) to May 9, 2021 (Sunday)
Target time:
<Weekdays> 9: 00-11: 00
April 30th (Friday), May 6th (Thursday), May 7th (Friday)
<Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays> 9: 00-10: 00
April 29 (Thursday / holiday), May 1 (Saturday) to May 5 (Wednesday / holiday), May 8 (Saturday), May 9 (Sunday)
Price (tax included)Adults (junior high school students and above): 1,400 yen / Elementary school students: 700 yen

■ General release

Tickets for times other than the early morning special discount can also be purchased from the following dedicated site from April 20 (Tuesday).

Ticket general sale

Release dateTuesday, April 20, 2021
Target scheduleApril 29th (Thursday / holiday) -May 9th (Sunday), 2021


 Regular price (tax included)
Adults (junior high school students and above)1,600 yen
Elementary school students900 yen
Less than elementary school studentsfree

・ Children under the age of 20 must be accompanied by a guardian to enter.
・ There is no Club Hawks member price for May tickets.

■ Started selling set tickets with "teamLab Forest Fukuoka-SBI SECURITIES"

BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 's popular attraction “teamLab Forest Fukuoka – SBI SECURITIES” and “CHIKYUJIN presents Unko Museum FUKUOKA Powered by HAWKS” are also on sale at the same time as a set of “Unko M + teamLab Forest” tickets!

Release dateTuesday, April 20, 2021
Target scheduleApril 29th (Thursday / holiday) -May 9th (Sunday), 2021
price2,900 yen (tax included)

・ This set ticket can only be purchased by those 16 years or older.
・ Even if you purchase a regular "Unko Museum" ticket, the "TeamLab Forest" ticket is not included, so be sure to purchase "Unko M + teamLab Forest".
・ Since "Unko Museum" closes earlier than "teamLab Forest", we recommend that you enter "Unko Museum" first. (Excluding Saturday)

> Click here for "teamLab Forest Fukuoka-SBI SECURITIES"

■ May 8th (Sat) and May 9th (Sun) only! Double my pink poop!

The probability that you can get the pink my poop that usually appears randomly will be doubled according to the Taka Girl ♡ Day that will be held at PayPay Dome on May 8th (Sat) and May 9th (Sun)! !! Let's get the matching pink my poop with Hawks Kurihara! !!

Also, for the two days of Taka Girl ♡ Day, the Taka points given when purchasing goods at the Unko Museum will be four times as much as usual!
Taka Girl at Unko Museum ♡ Let's enjoy the day at a great deal ♪

> Taka Girl ♡ Click here for details of the day event

■ Bring a GW Dream Hawk Lottery and get a sticker!

From May 3rd (Monday / holiday) to May 5th (Wednesday / holiday), bring the "GW Dream Takarakuji" distributed to customers watching at the PayPay Dome and visit the Unko Museum. A "Katsuun-sama" Senjafuda sticker (not for sale) will be presented to our customers! !! Please come to the Unko Museum when watching baseball games!

Click here for details on GW Dream Hawk Lottery

Distribution periodMay 3rd (Monday / holiday) -May 21st (Friday)
Distribution targetOne coupon will be distributed to each person who presents "GW Dream Takarakuji" when entering the Unko Museum.
Notes・ Admission ticket for Unko Museum is required.
・ Limited to the first 2,000 people, it will end as soon as it runs out.

■ Fukuoka limited Hawks collaboration goods new products are also available!

Introducing new goods designed in collaboration with the Hawks character "Fusan" and the cupcakes from the Unstagenic area "Puritto Princess" in the Unko Museum! In addition, we have prepared kids-sized T-shirts in response to requests from everyone!

Product nameYeah cupcake lunch tote
Price (tax included)1,980 yen
Product nameYeah cupcake pouch
Price (tax included)1,980 yen

Product nameYeah cupcake mirror
Price (tax included)1,100 yen
Product nameFukuoka Softbank Hawks collaboration T-shirt (kids size)
Price (tax included)3,080 yen
size100cm / 120cm

* All images are images.

■ Original sun visor gift

E・ZO FUKUOKA will receive an original sun visor that can only be obtained here ♪ Pink Unko Museum design is also available ♪

Click here for details

■ Umberto also appeared?

During the Golden Week period from April 29th (Thursday / holiday) to May 9th (Sunday), the character "Umberto" of the Unko Museum may appear on the PayPay dome deck! ?? It's capricious so if you're lucky you might meet!

■ What is Unko Museum?

"Unko Museum" is a state-of-the-art amusement space with the theme of poop. "Unko Museum YOKOHAMA" held in Yokohama "Asobuilding" mobilized 300,000 people in 6 months after opening, and "Unko Museum TOKYO" opened in Odaiba, Tokyo in August 2019 with the same momentum and became popular. I am exploring.

The concept of "Unko Museum TOKYO" is "MAX Unko Kawaii". You can see, touch, shoot and play colorful and fashionable poop.

> The much talked about "Unko Museum" has landed in Fukuoka for the first time!