A must-see for baseball fans! Released "Baseball Zammai Set"

PayPay Dome Tour No. 1 popular "Dome Enjoyment Course"

The "Baseball Zammai Set", which was very popular with Hawks fans, will be resold! This time, it is a great value set that includes HAWKS original goods with admission tickets for the popular PayPay Dome Tour course "Dome Enjoyment Course" and "OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan D". On sale from November 19th (Sat) at 10:00 on the BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA exclusive ticket site! Quantities are limited, so advance purchase is recommended♪

Dome Tour! Baseball Zammai Set

The popular “Dome Enjoyment Course,” where a guide guides you through the backside of the PayPay Dome, which you can’t usually see, and the future-oriented, with an emphasis on “enjoyment,” while maximizing the appeal of “baseball player Sadaharu Oh.” Sports Museum "OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan D" is included in the set! In addition, we will be selling the "Baseball Zammai Set" for 3,000 yen (tax included), which comes with HAWKS original goods and is a must-see for baseball fans!

OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan D
Hawks Original Merchandise Fujimoto Bobble Head
Target schedule【November】
21st (Mon), 22nd (Tue), 25th (Fri), 28th (Mon)
5th (Mon), 6th (Tue), 7th (Wed), 8th (Thu) 4 days
set content・PayPay Dome Tour “Dome Enjoyment Course”
・ BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 4F “OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan D”
・HAWKS Original Goods “Director Fujimoto Bobblehead”
Selling priceAdult (16 years old and over): 3,000 yen (tax included)
Child (7 to 15 years old): 1,450 yen (tax included)
*For children aged 4 to 6, please purchase a child ticket separately for the Dome Enjoyment Course.
*Various discount benefits cannot be used
how to buyPlease purchase at BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA exclusive ticket site or the ticket vending machine in the building.
To visit "OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan D", bring your ticket and come directly to the BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 4F floor.
When participating in the "Dome Enjoyment Course", please make a reservation at the information desk on the 3rd floor at least 10 minutes before the departure time. We will also give you special goods at that time.
Notes・Please be sure to check the precautions when purchasing tickets. By completing your purchase, you agree to all terms and conditions.
・The entry times listed are for the dome tour. Please be sure to complete the pre-registration for the dome enjoyment course at the information desk 10 minutes before the event. If you do not come by the departure time, you may not be able to experience part of the 60-minute course.
・You can enter the OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan D until 18:00 on the same day only.

・We do not refund due to customer's convenience. Partial refunds will not be given even if you cannot experience all of the activities for some reason other than the facility's reasons.
・Tickets are valid only on the day. The estimated time required is as follows. "OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan D": about 60 minutes, PayPay Dome Tour: 60 minutes
・Depending on the situation in the building, you may have to wait to enter.
・The operation of some equipment may be stopped without prior notice due to malfunctions, maintenance, etc.
・We will not allow anyone under the influence of alcohol to enter.
・Please follow the instructions of the staff. We are not responsible for injury or other injury or damage caused by not following instructions and precautions.

Contact information

092-847-1699(受付時間 9:30~11:30/12:30~17:00)