[April] Let's enjoy with a former professional baseball player ♪

Meet former professional baseball players on weekends and holidays! At 89 Park, the Hawks Junior Academy instructor patrols and gives advice on how to play the content and tips on how to improve it ♪ Because it is a playful feeling, there is no doubt that children as well as adults can enjoy it regardless of age!
You can also play catch with a former professional baseball player in the new "catch ball" area.


April 2nd (Sat) -April 30th (Sat)
* Scheduled to be held on weekends and holidays
* The schedule after May will be announced as soon as it is decided.


Baseball experience with Hawks Junior Academy instructor


Admission fee: Adults 1,800 yen / Children 900 yen * No additional fee required
* Guidance fee is included in the admission fee

You can also experience with the advantageous "89 Park Ticket" ♪
Fee: Adults 1,000 yen / Children 500 yen * No additional fee required
* Guidance fee is included in the admission fee
Please note that this ticket is only for the 89 park area in "OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum Supported Lipovitan D".


・ Lecturers are subject to change.
・ Please refrain from bringing your own bat.
・ We will give priority to beginners and children.
・ Photos and videos can be taken. However, please refrain from taking two shots with the instructor.
・ When it is crowded, you may have to wait for your turn.
・ Please follow the staff's instructions in the hall.
・ Gloves are rented at 89 Park. (For adults and children)

April schedule

Nagisa Arakaki
Kazuyuki Hoashi

Shogo Furusawa

Shinsuke Toboh

Yamato Higurashi
Haruto Yoshizumi
Scheduleday of weekLecturer nameopen time
April 2soilNagisa ArakakiShinsuke Toboh14:00~17:00
April 3DayKazuyuki HoashiShogo Furusawa14:00~17:00
April 9soilKazuyuki HoashiYamato Higurashi14:00~17:00
April 10DayNagisa ArakakiShinsuke Toboh14:00~17:00
April 16soilKazuyuki HoashiShogo Furusawa14:00~17:00
April 17DayNagisa ArakakiShinsuke Toboh14:00~17:00
April 23soilKazuyuki HoashiYamato Higurashi14:00~17:00
April 24DayShinsuke TobohShogo Furusawa14:00~17:00
April 29Friday / holidayKazuyuki HoashiHaruto Yoshizumi14:00~17:00
April 30soilKazuyuki HoashiYamato Higurashi14:00~17:00