Very popular ♪ Former professional baseball player patrols the park! Schedule added

BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 4F "OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan D in 89 Park" and gives advice on how to play the contents in 89 Park and how to improve it. It's a playful feeling, so there is no doubt that children and adults of all ages can enjoy it! Please come to the museum at this opportunity ♪

* Held in March

■ Schedule: Scheduled to be held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays * Schedule will be updated at any time

■ Contents: Baseball experience with Hawks Junior Academy instructor

■ Fee: Admission fee: Adults 1800 yen Children 900 yen * No additional charges required

* Children under 9 years old (free of charge) must be accompanied by a guardian
* Guidance fee is included in the admission fee

■ Notes:
・ Lecturers are subject to change.
・ Please refrain from bringing your own bat.
・ We will give priority to beginners and children.
・ You can take photos and videos. However, please refrain from taking two-shot shots with the instructor.
・ When it is crowded, you may have to wait for your turn.
・ Please follow the staff's instructions in the hall.

Schedule after April

Kazuyuki Hoashi
Nagisa Arakaki

Ryuma Kidokoro
  timeLecturer nametimeLecturer name
April 1stwood11:00 to 14:00Higurashi Yamato  
April 2Money11:00 to 14:00Shogo Furusawa14:00 to 17:00Ryuma Kidokoro
April 3soil10:00 to 13:00Nagisa Arakaki17:00 to 19:00Shogo Furusawa
April 4thDay11:00 to 14:00Kazuyuki Hoashi17:00 to 19:00Shinsuke Toboh
April 5thMoon11:00 to 14:00Higurashi Yamato  
April 6fire11:00 to 14:00Yuto Nozawa  
April 10soil11:00 to 14:00Nagisa Arakaki14:00 to 17:00Shogo Furusawa
April 11Day11:00 to 14:00Kazuyuki Hoashi14:00 to 17:00Ryuya Kodama
April 17soil11:00 to 14:00Ryuma Kidokoro14:00 to 17:00Shogo Furusawa
April 18Day11:00 to 14:00Ryuma Kidokoro *14:00 to 17:00Shinsuke Toboh
April 24soil11:00 to 14:00Kazuyuki Hoashi14:00 to 17:00Shogo Furusawa
April 25Day11:00 to 14:00Yuto Nozawa14-16: 30Shinsuke Toboh
April 29wood11:00 to 14:00Higurashi Yamato17:00 to 19:00Shogo Furusawa
April 30Money11:00 to 14:00Ryuya Kodama14:00 to 17:00Nagisa Arakaki
May 1stsoil11:00 to 14:00Kazuyuki Hoashi14:00 to 17:00Ryuma Kidokoro
May 2Day11:00 to 14:00Kazuyuki Hoashi14:00 to 17:00Ryuma Kidokoro
May 3Moon11:00 to 14:00Shinsuke Toboh14:00 to 17:00Shogo Furusawa
May 4thfire11:00 to 14:00Yuto Nozawa17:00 to 19:00Nagisa Arakaki
May 5thwater11:00 to 14:00Ryuya Kodama17:00 to 19:00Nagisa Arakaki
May 8soil11:00 to 14:00Kazuyuki Hoashi17:00 to 19:00Ryuma Kidokoro
May 9Day11:00 to 14:00Nagisa Arakaki17:00 to 19:00Ryuma Kidokoro

* Due to circumstances, the instructor in charge from 11:00 to 14:00 on 4/18 (Sun) has been changed from Kazuyuki Hoashi to Ryuma Kidokoro. (Added on April 17)