[12/1-2/28] Let's enjoy the popular beer ball♪

At "The FOODHALL" on the 3rd floor BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA, we will be selling "Beer Ball", a popular beer that you can mix with carbonated water, for a limited price of 430 yen from December 1st (Thursday) to February 28th (Tuesday). increase. In addition, MLB café FUKUOKA will also offer original cocktails using beer balls ☆ Please take this opportunity to enjoy the new sensational beer that is currently attracting a lot of attention!

Let's enjoy the popular beer ball at E・ZO♪


At the target store, we will offer "beer ball" for 430 yen per cup! I wanted to try it! I was curious! If you are interested, please enjoy this opportunity!
(*Kyushu Hakata Daikichi Sushi is available for 429 yen.)


December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday)

Target stores


・Ramen Tavern × Ramen Tavern Tavern
・Yakiniku Lean Nikugato
・Kyoto Tempura Flower Raft
・Kyushu Hakata Daikichi Sushi
・Meat mountain restaurant
・Fire Hall 4000

*Please check the BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA official website for information on each store.
*CHATTERBOX EXPRESS is currently temporarily closed.

Beer ball original cocktails are sold at MLB café FUKUOKA♪

We will sell 3 kinds of original cocktails that make use of the taste of beer balls ♪ Please enjoy cocktails that can only be tasted here, making use of the bitterness of beer.


Product namefruit beer aid
ContentA gorgeous cocktail made with orange juice, tropical fruit syrup, and beer balls.
Selling price780 yen


Product nameViavoglia
ContentNot too sweet adult sangria with beer balls instead of wine
Selling price780 yen


Product namebeer bohito
ContentA full-bodied cup of mojito made with oak-scented white rum and a beer ball
Selling price880 yen

* All images are images, and all prices include tax.