BALLPARK FOOD TRIP 2022 2nd start!

The second edition of "BALLPARK FOOD TRIP 2022", an event that offers gourmet food loved by each MLB team with their original recipes, will start on July 20th (Wednesday)!
In the second installment, you can enjoy the gourmet food made by Kevin's English Room and Misato Tsuboi in the video in collaboration with "Home Plate", which is the cooking content of MLB official YouTube.
Instagram posting campaign will continue ☆ Post FOOD TRIP gourmet and get MLB goods!

[7 / 20-9 / 19] 2nd sales menu
~ Trip to the Southern United States ~

[1] Southern Fried Chicken

Image teamAtlanta Braves
Description of itemThis menu was introduced in the video featuring Kevin's English Room and Misato Tsuboi. The spices work reasonably well, the inside is juicy, the outside is crispy, and you can enjoy the taste of Southern American homes!
Selling price1,200 yen * 5 pieces

[2] Texas Pulled Pork Sandwich

Image teamHouston Astros
Description of itemPlenty of smoky pulled pork and crispy cabbage. Enjoy it with a spicy barbecue sauce!
Selling price1,700 yen

[3] Chopped Salad Southern Style

Image teamTexas Rangers
Description of itemA salad with plenty of nutritious ingredients such as quinoa, kale, salmon, sunflower seeds, and ricotta cheese. Excellent compatibility with white vinegar dressing!
Selling priceRegular: 1,800 yen
Half: 1,300 yen

[4] Tropical Sunshine

Image teamMiami Marlins
Description of itemBlended with rum and Southern Comfort fruit liqueur, orange, pineapple,
This is a tropical cocktail with plenty of the blessings of the sun mixed with mango juice.
Selling price800 yen

Instagram posting campaign ☆

We will carry out a gift plan for those who posted Food Trip gourmet images with "#mlbcafefukuoka"! The second prize may be a lottery of MLB goods such as Atlanta Braves replica uniforms and caps. !! Food Trip Let's eat gourmet food and get goods ☆

[List of prizes]
・ Replica uniform / M size (Braves)
・ T-shirt / M size (Astros, Rangers, Marlins)
・ 9FORTY caps (Braves, Astros, Rangers, Marlins)

Application methodFollow MLB café FUKUOKA's official Instagram account "@mlbcafe_fukuoka" & post Food Trip gourmet images with #mlbcafefukuoka
Application periodJuly 20th (Wednesday) -September 19th (Monday) 23:59
Winning notificationOnly those who win within a few days after the application deadline will be contacted by DM (direct message) from their respective MLB café FUKUOKA official accounts.
Product exchange methodWe are planning to mail it.
Notes・ The result of the lottery will be announced upon notification of the winning. We will not contact anyone other than the winners.
・ The winner will be notified by DM (direct message), so please be sure to follow the MLB café FUKUOKA official account.
・ If your account is set to private and DM is set to be rejected, you will not be eligible for the lottery.
・ If you are a minor, please apply after the parental authority agrees to the precautions.
・ Winners will be responsible for the cost of traveling to MLB café FUKUOKA, accommodation, and parking fees on the day of the event.
・ You cannot choose the size of the prize.

* All images are images, and all prices include tax.

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