more! more! more! Gita-sensei Exhibition Collaboration Gourmand Goods Sale!

Collaboration gourmet will be on sale from June 10th (Friday) at 3F MLB Café FUKUOKA to coincide with the "More! More! More! Gita-sensei Exhibition" held at BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 6F next to PayPay Dome. !! This is an MLB Café FUKUOKA original parfait that uses "Warabimochi", which Yanagita calls the source of power, in "Teach me Gita-sensei" being broadcast on TV Nishinippon "Momo Spo"! If you come to the Gita-sensei exhibition, you can enjoy it at a discount of 300 yen ♪
Also, at the Hawks Card Collection Takakore, a collaboration card for the Gita-sensei exhibition will be available for a limited time to commemorate the "More! More! More! Gita-sensei Exhibition".

Provided by TV Nishinippon

Sales menu

Product nameGita-sensei Warabimochi Parfait
price1,300 yen
* Those who come to the exhibition will be offered for 1,000 yen. Please show your admission ticket at the time of payment.
Sales periodJune 10th (Friday) -June 26th (Sunday)

* The special price for visiting the exhibition cannot be used in combination with other discounts or services.
* All images are images, and all prices include tax.
* The special price for visiting the exhibition is valid only for the admission ticket on the day.

ご予約・詳細はMLB café FUKUOKA店頭、webまたはお電話にて受付中です。

[Takakore] More! more! more! Gita-sensei exhibition collaboration card is now available!

In commemoration of the "More! More! More! Gita-sensei Exhibition" at the Hawks Card Collection Takakore, a Gita-sensei exhibition collaboration card will be available for a limited time! In addition, all users who log in to Takakore during the event will receive a special ☆ 4 card with the visual motif of "More! More! More! Gita-sensei Exhibition"!
In addition, you can get a chance to get a gift by checking in at BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA during the period. Let's enjoy the Gita teacher exhibition with the Takakore app ♪

Gita-sensei Exhibition Collaboration Card (Event Paid Card Pack) is now available for a limited time!

We are developing a limited-time event collaboration card that uses Yanagita's past commemorative scenes as cards!
On the back of the card, we have posted the "thank you words" of Mr. Gita so far ♪ Please get a limited card that you can only get now ♪

BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA check-in event held!

During the event period, you can get a luxurious reward by launching the Takakore app at the BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 6F Event Hall and checking in! Please download the Takakore app and check in when you visit the "More! More! More! Gita-sensei Exhibition"!

Holding periodJune 7th (Tuesday) -June 26th (Sunday)

Gita-sensei Exhibition Limited Goods Sale!

Gita-sensei's "Acrylic Photo Stand" and "Photo Keychain" will be on sale as limited items at the Gita-sensei exhibition venue! !! We will also sell the past monthly Hawks with Yanagita on the cover.

Product nameAcrylic photo frame
price1,200 yen (tax included)
Product namePhoto key chain
price800 yen (tax included)

In addition, the first 100 people who purchase over 3,000 yen (tax included) including sweets at the venue will receive a special sticker!

Product handling store

BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 6F "More! More! More! Gita-sensei Exhibition" Exit side space

* Even those who have not entered the "More! More! More! Gita-sensei Exhibition" can purchase only the goods.

Inquiries (business hours), etc.

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