Korean menu and Valentine's Day menu are now available!

A Korean motif menu and a Valentine's Day limited menu are now available!
In addition to the popular menu last year, there is also a cute Korean drink menu ♪
We look forward to your visit.

Sales period

January 22, 2022 (Sat) -February 25, 2022 (Fri)

Sales location


Sales menu

Product name

Product nameBulgogi kimchi burger
price1,700 yen

The long-awaited revival of the staff's most popular kimchi burger! W source of bulgogi sauce and gochujang sauce is adopted! It's a burger that you can feel Korea!

Product nameYangnyeom fried chicken
price1,300 yen

Spicy homemade yangnyeom sauce is entwined with crispy fried chicken with bones. It's delicious to eat cheese balls and chicken wrapped in lettuce!

Product nameVanilla ice brownie
price1,100 yen

Excellent compatibility with vanilla ice cream! The image of a Korean cafe has been transformed into a simple and modern brownie.

Product nameFruit aid (grapefruit, orange, kiwi, mixed berry)
price750 yen

The sweetness of fresh fruit pickled in syrup and the refreshing carbonic acid are a perfect match! Please try the fruit aid from Korea that looks cute!

Product nameBlueberry frozen yogurt
price850 yen

A yogurt drink with rich condensed milk and the refreshing sweetness of blueberries. It is also a recommended drink as a dessert after a meal!

Valentine's Day limited drink

Product nameHot memory chocolate
price900 yen

* Only this product will be on sale for a limited time from 2/1 (Tuesday) to 2/14 (Monday).

Valentine's Day limited chocolate drinks are now available! A rich hot chocolate drink with whipped cream overflowing from the cup. The toppings are decorated with plenty of crunchy chocolate, oreo cookies, and bekko candy ♪ It's an irresistible drink for sweet tooth and chocolate lovers!

* All images are images, and all prices include tax.
* We have taken measures against corona and are working to ensure that our customers can eat with peace of mind.

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