A delicious reward for a year of disappointment!

A year of gambling! How about a delicious reward for yourself with that important person?
All E ・ ZO restaurants have acquired gold stickers, and we are looking forward to your visit with complete measures against infectious diseases ♪ In addition, you can use PayPay, Nexpay, Go To Eat, and enjoy it safely and profitably. increase! * (Excluding some stores)
Please enjoy the gourmet food and drinks that each store offers with confidence.

Yakiniku lean meat


Recommended course

"Transcendence" absolutely recommended course 6,600 yen per person
* You can also have all-you-can-drink for +3,300 yen.

"Hurray on weekdays" Weekday limited course 5,000 yen per person
* Only on non-event days of the dome
* With free flow of highball and oolong tea

I want to drink from noon! There is also a "lunch" for such people.
Lunch plan 

Target time11:00~17:00
Fee390 yen per cup
All-you-can-drink 1 hour1,200 yen

Super profitable time from 16:00! First of all, one cup!
* Subject to change depending on the event
4 tickets for 1,100 yen

If you want to drink a lot, drink all! A little snack! For those who say, there are plenty of snacks ♪
You can freely combine 2 drinks and 2 foods.

Meat mountain restaurant


Let's all be together in the cold winter ♪

Recommended course

Course with red beef unique to meat mountain 4,000 yen * From 2 servings

There is also a 120-minute all-you-can-drink course!
Meat mountain specialty hot pot course (hot pot, 3 small bowls, 〆 set) is 6,100 yen

Motsunabe from 1,500 yen per person

Spicy hot pot from 2,000 yen per person

MLB café Fukuoka

Reservations and details are accepted at the MLB café FUKUOKA store, on the web or by phone.


Recommended course

A party for all of your friends ♪
Baseball plan 120 minutes with all-you-can-drink ¥ 4,500 per person
When using other party plans, please make a reservation at least 2 days in advance.

Kyoto Tempura Hanaikada

All-you-can-drink plan
495 yen per person for 30 minutes
All-you-can-drink is available!
It is a time and fee that is easy to use even after work!

Feel free to use the tipsy set for 850 yen, which you can drink quickly!

* All images in the news are images, and all prices are tax-included.