"Dagashiya Izo" OPEN! A wide variety of children's menus ♪

From Thursday, July 22nd, "Dagashiya Izo" will open for a limited time The FOODHALL In addition to nostalgic sweets, delicious shaved ice and cotton candy are also on sale! !! Please enjoy it with your children during the summer vacation.

[Store name]

Candy shop




July 22nd (Thursday) -August 29th (Sunday), 2021

【business hours】


[Product details / price]

Shaved ice 500 yen

Cotton candy 500 yen * Sold from July 28th

Other sweets from 32 yen

In addition, 3F The FOODHALL and MLB café FUKUOKA have a very satisfying menu for energetic children! !! Please enjoy delicious gourmet food with your family after moving around in a pleasant view and non-Japanese space ♪

● Ramen Warm-up x Ramen Tavern Warm-up

Free ramen for children! (With juice)
* One cup of ramen can be ordered by up to two children per adult.

It will be changed to the following from August 12, 2021

* Children's ramen alone cannot be sold.
* Up to 1 child's ramen is free for orders of 1 or more ramen for 1 adult
* From the second cup, one cup will be offered for 200 yen (tax included).
* Subject to change without notice.

● Yakiniku lean meat

Kids hamburger set
660 yen
A hearty set of hamburger steak with hayashi sauce is 100 times more energetic! !!

● Kyushu Hakata Daikichi Sushi

Assortment of 3 recommended children
286 yen
A set of 3 kinds of stories that children love.

● Nikuyama Shokudo

Meat mountain children hamburger plate
500 yen
Children's menu with hamburger steak, wiener, dessert and jelly that everyone loves.

● Kyoto Tempura Hanaikada

Flower raft children's lunch
500 yen
Children's lunch at the tempura shop with udon, tenmusu, 3 types of tempura, soup stock rolls, and drinks.


MLB Kids Plate (with juice and toys)
800 yen (tax included)

※The image is an image. The price includes tax.
* Sales details are subject to change without notice. Please note.