Take out OK! Let's enjoy gourmet food at home ♪

BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA has introduced takeout and delivery so that you can enjoy E ・ ZO's exquisite gourmet at home ♪ Uber EATS for delivery to home and PayPay that can be received without pre-order reservation and waiting time Pick-up is also available. We have a wide variety of menus that are comparable to those used in stores, so please take this opportunity to try them out!

Available services

・ Take-out sales at stores * Telephone orders are also possible
Target stores: MLB café FUKUOKA, lean grilled meat Nikugato, Kyushu Hakata Daikichi Sushi, Nikuyama Shokudo, Kyoto Tempura Hanaikada
・ Pre-order service
"PayPay pickup"
Target stores: MLB café FUKUOKA, lean grilled meat Nikugato, Kyushu Hakata Daikichi Sushi, Nikuyama Shokudo, Kyoto Tempura Hanaikada
・ Food delivery
Please check the table below for applicable stores and services.
* Prices for food delivery are different. For details, please check each app / website.

Uber EATSDelivery buildingmenuDiDi Food
Red meat roasted meat
Nikuyama dining room
Kyoto Tempura Hanaikada

Recommended menu


A popular burger (with french fries) topped with fresh avocado and savory frit onions, accented with Cajun on a 150g original patty.

Tetsuwan Chef Tom Douglas's original burger
1,800 yen

A gem of a large salty pretzel and a vibrant grilled sausage with a satisfying taste

Jumbo sausage grill & pretzels
1,600 yen

九州 はかた 大吉寿司

Fatty tuna, lean meat, flatfish, steamed abalone, raw shrimp, boiled squid, squid, salmon roe, iron fire roll, egg

Upper grip-1 serving (8 grips, iron fire roll, egg)
2,700 yen

Medium fatty tuna, lean meat, red sea bream, squid, amberjack, scallops, boiled sardines, steamed shrimp, iron fire rolls, kappa rolls, eggs

Daikichi-1 serving (8 pieces of sushi, thin roll, egg)
1,620 yen


The soft and juicy baked sagari is the most popular menu for rice!

Meat Mountain Sagar Steak Lunch
1,600 yen

The hamburger steak carefully prepared in the store is baked with plenty of gravy and plump!

Meatyama hamburger lunch
1,300 yen


Rice, 2 omelet rolls, 2 sardines, pickles, tempura (2 large shrimp, 1 toriten, 4 kinds of vegetables)

Flower raft lunch (bamboo)
1,500 yen

2 shrimp, 2 toriten, 3 squid, 8 kinds of vegetables

Assorted tempura
1,200 yen

焼肉 赤身 にくがとう

A combination of our popular menus. Please enjoy with sauce!

Red meat grilled meat lunch
2,300 yen

Meat glaze weight, a specialty of lunch, as it is at first. Sprinkle soup stock on the way and enjoy.

Original meat glare
1,500 yen

* All images are images. All prices include take-out price and tax.
* At BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA, due to the shift from emergency measures in Fukuoka Prefecture to priority measures such as prevention of spread, alcoholic beverages will be served from 11:00 to 19:00 (order stop), and 4 people or less. We will limit it to the group of. For more information Here
* For the take-out menu, you can bring your purchase receipt to the PayPay dome.

How to order each service

The reception hours of each service vary depending on the match and event date. For details, please check from within each app.

PayPay pickup

① Download the PayPay app and register for an account
② Select the desired store / cooking
③ Order (in-app payment)
④ The store will notify the app as soon as the product is ready.
⑤ Receive at the store

* You need to show the app screen when you receive it.
* 5% off by using PayPay payment of Club Hawks membership card is not applicable when ordering from PayPay pickup.
* When you receive the product at the store, you will receive Taka points for 5% of the usage amount at the store.
Please be sure to show your membership card. It cannot be retrofitted. Please note.

Food delivery

① Download the app and register for an account
* You can also register from the website
② Specify the delivery address
③ Select your desired store / cooking
④ Order (in-app payment)
⑤ Check the delivery status
⑥ Receive and evaluate

* Delivery area varies depending on the time of order. For details, please check from each app / website.