The cumulative number of visitors to "BOSS ・ E ・ ZO FUKUOKA" has exceeded 100,000!

The cumulative number of visitors to "BOSS ・ E ・ ZO FUKUOKA", which opened in July this year, exceeded 100,000 on September 18th (Friday).

The 100,000th commemorative visitor is Aoi Nakamura (19 years old, university student) from Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. I came to Fuku for sightseeing and said, "I learned about" TeamLab Forest Fukuoka-SBI SECURITIES "on SNS. I was surprised, but I'm happy."

Along with his companion, Ayaka Karaki, the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks mascot Harry Hawk presented a souvenir "BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA One Day Enjoyment Right".

Mr. Nakamura said, "I enjoy it to my heart's content," and Mr. Karaki said, "TeamLab has many spots that look great on Instagram, so I want to take a lot of pictures, and there are many attractions, so I want to enjoy it." I was letting you.

In addition, thank you for your patronage so far, an SNS campaign will be launched in which "BOSS ・ E ・ ZO FUKUOKA One Day Enjoyment Right" will be awarded to 5 people per group. The application period is from September 18th to September 27th (Sun). For details, please see the official website of the team and the link below.

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