Year-end and New Year Yoshimoto comedians gather!

At BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA, popular Yoshimoto comedians will appear one after another during the year-end and New Year holidays.
In addition to performing at the 7th floor "YOSHIMOTO FUKUOKA DAIWA SECURITIES / CONNECT THEATER", we will welcome everyone at the entrance on the 3rd floor and perform on stage at the PayPay Dome. Please come to BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA for the 2022 “Laughing End” and 2023 “Laughing Beginning”!

Performance information during the year-end and New Year period

Entertainers familiar with TV appear one after another! Yoshimoto New Comedy is coming from Osaka!

Monday, December 26th

Waraimeshi/Male Swing/Rainbow/Yuriyan Retriever/Fusuya

December 27 (Tue)

Norio Nishikawa, Yoshio Kamigata/Black Mayonnaise/Fujisaki Market/Rainbow

Wednesday, December 28th

The Bonchi / Jaru Jaru / ZAZY

Thursday, December 29th

Ginshari / Gakutensoku / Frog-tei

Friday, December 30th

Fumie Katsura/Super Maradona/Momo/Ranji

Saturday, December 31st

Tsukitei Happo/Kazuyuki Sakuma/Gallop/Smile

January 1 (Sun/Holiday)

All Hanshin Giants/Beni Ginger/Double Higashi

January 2 (Mon/holiday)

Male swing/Korokoro Chiki Chiki Peppers/Double Higashi/Elf

Tuesday, January 3

Kiyoshi Nishikawa/Waraimeshi/Igo Shogi/Korokoro Chiki Chiki Peppers

Wednesday, January 4

Kaus Nakata/Super Maradona/Kogaken/Go Shogi/Tot/Universe

January 5 (Thursday)

Ginshari / Hiking Walking / Kogaken / Oswald

December 28 (Wednesday) to January 3 (Tuesday) Yoshimoto New Comedy

Yasushi Kawabata/Kenichi Nakajo/Shinnosuke Yasuo/Daisuke Moromizato/Mari Kodera

Yoshimoto entertainers will appear at the E・ZO entrance from December 29th to January 3rd!

Yoshimoto comedians will welcome you in front BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 3F Information! Please feel free to take a look at it not only for customers before watching a theater performance, but also for customers using attractions and restaurants. In-house announcements by entertainers are also planned! For details, please check BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 's Twitter in the morning of the day!

■December 29th (Thursday) Frog-tei and others

■December 30 (Friday) Ranji and others

■December 31st (Sat) Moromizato Daisuke, Kodera Mari and others

■January 1 (Sunday/Holiday) Red ginger and others

■January 2 (Mon/Holiday) Men's swings, etc.

■■ January 3 (Tuesday) Corocoro Chiki Chiki Peppers and others

*You can take pictures, but please refrain from shaking hands or asking for autographs.
*Subject to change without notice. Please note.

On January 2nd and 3rd, Yoshimoto comedians will appear in PayPay Dome!

During the period, Yoshimoto comedians will also appear in “Everyone Gather! PayPay Dome Field Free Open” held in the PayPay Dome. Please enjoy the performance of Japanese drums by the theater unit "Hakata Osshoizu" led by Masaru from Fukuoka Yoshimoto and the story.


January 2 (Mon/holiday) 12:30-/ 14:30-

Masaru/Inclusion/Keita Nakamura/Domegane/Transit

January 3 (Tue) 12:30-/14:30-

Masaru/Metal Rack/Inclusion/Keita Nakamura/Dome Gane/Transit

AddressPayPay Dome special area
FeeAnyone can view it for free.

* Entrance/exit gate PayPay Dome Gate 4
*Free entry/exit
*Entrance Passage: Passage 17/Exit Passage: Please use Passage 18
*You can take pictures, but please refrain from shaking hands or asking for autographs.
*Subject to change without notice. Please note.
*In order to ensure social distancing, we may want to restrict admission when the number of people in the field reaches a certain number.
*You can only enter the free admission area.
*Due to the characteristics of the artificial turf, it is not possible to enter the field with heeled shoes. Please participate in shoes that do not have sharp heels, such as sneakers, and clothes that are easy to move in.
*Those who drink excessively or are not feeling well may not be able to participate.
*No food or drink (bottles, cans) or smoking is allowed on the field. You can bring plastic bottles and water bottles with lids. Please enjoy on the Coca-Cola seat on the 3rd base side.
*If you are injured on the field, we will provide first aid, but we will not be responsible after that.
*When leaving the field, please remove the dirt before leaving.

Click here for details on "Everyone Gather! PayPay Dome Field Free Open"!

Yoshimoto comedians gather at BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA during the year-end and New Year period!
We look forward to seeing you there.