General first-come-first-served sales of Tsubakuro and Doara's travel diary!

General first-come-first-served tickets for the stage show "Tsubakuro & Doara no Kokoku Manyuuki" featuring Harry Hawk will be on sale!
For the first time in three years, Tsubakuro and Doara will take their friends on a tour that runs through 10 performances in 5 regions nationwide. It will be held here in Fukuoka on Sunday, January 8th and Monday, January 9th. Harry Hawk also rushes in and wraps up "YOSHIMOTO FUKUOKA DAIWA SECURITIES / CONNECT THEATER" in a whirlwind of laughter!

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Performance information

performance name

Tsubakuro & Doara no Kokukoku Manyuuki with Harry Hawk ~What are you trying to do~! ? The patrol will be done later~! ~


Tsubakuro Doara Harry Hawk



Performance schedule/time

Date/January 8th (Sun) and 9th (Mon/holiday), 2023
Time: 1st part 14:00-15:00, 2nd part 17:00-18:00
* Part 1 and Part 2 are completely replaced. Please note that a ticket is required for each

Performance content

Part 1 / The legendary reading drama "Momotaro" will be performed for the first time in three years! In addition, you can enjoy a lot of content such as a talk show, Ogiri, and a lottery.
Part 2: In addition to Tsubakuro, Doara, and Harry Hawk's full-fledged performances, you can enjoy the Ogiri corner, consultation on your worries, and a lottery.

Gift for all visitors

・Fukuoka performance limited original clear file
・Fukuoka performance limited original hand towel

Ticket information

Seat type

Seat type namePrice (tax included)Remark
Premium seat
(Orange part of the drawing)
17,000 yen・We guarantee the central area in the front area or the first row in the back!
・Premium seat limited benefits included! (4-shot cheki shooting with the mascot, gift of a mini colored paper with the mascot's autograph)
General seat12,000 yen
wheelchair seat12,000 yen・If you wish to be accompanied, please apply for "Wheelchair seat *with attendant (24,000 yen / 2 people)".

Sales schedule/application

General first-come-first-served basis

Reception periodDecember 3, 2022 (Sat) 12:00-
*Pia membership registration (free) is required.
*Tickets of the same type are required for children aged 4 and over who require a seat.
*One person can apply for up to 2 tickets for each performance.
* Only one application per member per performance is allowed. If you wish to participate in multiple performances, you will need to apply once for each performance.
*Credit card payment is the only payment method, and credit card registration is required at the time of application.
Ticketing periodDecember 3, 2022 (Sat) 12:00-
*Please pick up your ticket at Seven-Eleven or Family Mart.
*When picking up tickets, you will need to select a pick-up location at Ticket Pia "Cloak". Click here for how to operate.
* When issuing a ticket, in the case of Seven-Eleven, please bring the "exchange slip number (13 digits)" directly to the store cash register. In the case of FamilyMart, please use the multi-copy machine installed at the store with the "exchange slip number (13 digits)".
*Ticketing fee of 110 yen/ticket and system usage fee of 220 yen/ticket will be charged.

Ticket notes

・First come, first served
・All seats are reserved seats
・Seats cannot be selected
・Purchased tickets cannot be canceled or changed.
・If the content is incomplete, it will be invalid.
・Paid transfer without the consent of the promoter is prohibited
・Customers who purchased tickets through SNS, Internet auctions, etc. may be refused entry upon arrival. In that case, the ticket price will not be refunded. If it is discovered, we will take strict measures such as withdrawing from the fan club. I'll enjoy having this

Notes on performances


・Recording, video recording, and photography of performances are prohibited.
・Please note that the event may be filmed and posted on the team's official website, SNS, printed materials, etc.

About measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection for this performance

This performance will be held with thorough measures against the new coronavirus infection.
Please be sure to check the following notes before visiting, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
・Temperatures will be taken upon entry. Those with a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher are not allowed to enter.
・Please cooperate with hand disinfection when entering.
・Please be sure to wear a mask
・ Loud cheers and cheering are prohibited.
・It is prohibited to interact with the mascots or to bring them in. Please note
・Exit will be restricted at the end of the performance. Please follow the instructions of the staff and leave the venue.
・Tickets must be kept for at least 14 days after the performance

Click here for the infection prevention checklist

Contact information