"Hiroshi Fujimoto new director" special exhibition will be held from 3/25

From March 25th (Friday), at BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 4F "OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum Supported by Lipobitan D", a special exhibition "Baseballman" All about Hiroshi Fujimoto "-A walked baseball life and what to aim for-" "It will be held. This is a special exhibition where you can get to know "Director Fujimoto" from the birth of Director Fujimoto to his childhood, introduction to Tenri High School, and from his time as an active player to the director! To commemorate the event, a campaign will be held from March 25th (Friday) to April 10th (Sunday) to discount the admission fee to those who have the same name as Director Fujimoto! Regardless of the Chinese character, the surname is "Fujimoto" or the name is "Hiroshi" at half price, and the same surname "Fujimoto Hiroshi" is free ♪ From March 25 (Fri) to April 17 (Sun) Those who have 89 park tickets can also enter the special exhibition, so please come and visit us ♪
* Please note that the same surname and same name discount is only applicable to offers on the day of the visit, and is not applicable to pre-purchased items.

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> Director Fujimoto himself visits the OBM special exhibition "All about Hiroshi Fujimoto"!

Baseball player "All about Hiroshi Fujimoto" -A walked baseball life and what to aim for-

Hiroshi Fujimoto Looking back on his childhood, high school, and professional career, he approaches its charm. What is baseball that you are aiming for as a Hawks coach? Let's get to know the new director Hiroshi Fujimoto more and more! !!

Implementation periodMarch 25, 2022 (Friday) -June 12, 2022 [Schedule]
OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan D
Special exhibition room
Admission fee (tax included)Adults (16 years old and over) 1,800 yen
Children (7 to 15 years old) 900 yen
* Children (12 years old or younger) must be accompanied by a guardian to enter. (Parents need to purchase a ticket)
* Free for preschoolers (charged from the first grade of elementary school)
Exhibit contents1. 1. Episodes and secret stories that look back on photos and records before and after becoming a professional
2. Exhibition of award-winning awards
3. 3. Interview with Director Fujimoto
Four. Director Fujimoto talks about Sadaharu Oh and Hawks

Special exhibition commemoration ① "Fujimoto" half price! "Hiroshi" is also half price!

Admission is 50% off for those who have the same surname "Fujimoto" and "Hiroshi" as Director Fujimoto! In addition, "Fujimoto Hiroshi" with the same surname and same name will be free!
* Please note that only the offer on the day of the visit is applicable, and the advance purchase is not applicable.

Implementation periodMarch 25th (Friday) -April 10th (Sunday)
Target ticketOH Sadaharu Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan D Admission Ticket
* 89 Park tickets are not eligible
Discount methodPlease present your name, such as a driver's license or insurance card, at the reception desk of OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum the 4th floor.
"Fujimoto" or "Hiroshi" will receive a half-price coupon, and "Fujimoto Hiroshi" will receive a free coupon.
Please purchase the ticket at the ticket vending machine in the building. If you enter the coupon code before purchasing, you will get a discount from the checkout.
Notes・ The discount is limited to once per person.
・ No refunds will be given even if you purchase the ticket in advance. Please be sure to purchase the ticket at the ticket vending machine after receiving the coupon code on the day of your visit.
・ Only one ticket is eligible for adults / children.
・ You may have to wait for admission depending on the situation inside the building.
・ Cannot be used for discounts, benefits, and set tickets other than discounts for people with disabilities.

Special exhibition commemoration ② You can enter the special exhibition with 89 park tickets!

From March 25th (Friday) to April 17th (Sunday), those who have 89 park tickets can also see the special exhibition!

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Special exhibition commemoration ③ Sticker gift of director Fujimoto motif

※The image is an image

One sticker with the motif of Director Fujimoto will be presented to those who use the target attractions of BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA! There are 3 types, and I'm looking forward to what you get ☆

Implementation periodMarch 25th (Friday) -April 10th (Sunday)
* Limited quantity, will end as soon as it runs out
Target attractionRF Superb Attraction SMBC Nikko Securities
6 / 7F Virtual Experience Area
5F teamLab Forest Fukuoka – SBI Securities
4F OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan D, 89 Park

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