Until 3/13, "Digi Kitchen" where you can enjoy trendy Korean food

We would like to inform you that the "Digi Kitchen", which has been extended due to its popularity, will be open until March 13th (Sun). * Updated on 3/10

"Digi Kitchen" where you can enjoy Korean food will be open for an extended period ♪ We have a wide range of authentic Samgyeopsal and Samgyeotang, trendy UFO chicken, hatgu, etc., and of course you can enjoy chamisul and makgeolli as drinks ♪ Set meal menu and takeout Please feel free to drop by as it is fulfilling. Let's fully enjoy the Korean mood with E ・ ZO!

Store name

Digi Kitchen


* Open in the closed "Nikuyama Shokudo"


Open-Sunday, March 13


11: 00-21: 00 Last order 20:00

Menu / Price


Hormone kimchi jjigae single item 1,000 yen
Set meal 1,200 yen
* Takeout is possible

Samgyeopsal (1 serving) 1,800 yen
* Takeout is not possible, the image is for 2 people

UFO chicken (3-4 servings) 3,200 yen
* Takeout is not possible

Samgyetang (2 to 3 servings) 2,900 yen
* Takeout is not possible

Sotok Sotok (1 bottle) 650 yen
* Takeout is possible

Hatgu (1 bottle) 500 yen
* Takeout is possible

Budae jjigae separately 1,800 yen
Set meal 2,000 yen
* Takeout is possible

Cheese Dak-galbi (pot) 3-4 servings 3,200 yen * Takeout is not possible

Menu namepriceTake-out
Sundubu soupSingle item 800 yen Set meal 1,000 yen
Kimchi ChigaeSingle item 700 yen Set meal 900 yen
JAPCHAESingle item 900 yen Set meal 1,100 yen
BulgogiSingle item 1,100 yen Set meal 1,300 yen
TakkarubiSingle item 800 yen Set meal 1,000 yen
Cheese Dak-galbiSingle item 1,000 yen Set meal 1,200 yen
Nakkopse1,800 yen×
Yan'nyomu chicken700 yen
Yanggopchan1,800 yen
Gimbap1,000 yen
Cheese Kinpa1,200 yen
Stone-grilled bibimbap1,200 yen×
Korean pancake800 yen
Toppoki650 yen
Choregi salad600 yen×
Kimchi300 yen×
Assorted namul560 yen×
Changer300 yen×
Korean glue300 yen×
Cheese ball500 yen
French fries380 yen×
Hotteok350 yen
Selectable gelato waffles600 yen×
Croffle650 yen


* Drinks cannot be taken out


Various chamisul
(Grapefruit, strawberry, plum, muscat, original, fresh)
800 yen
Various sours and highballs
(Pomegranate, thigh, muscat, pineapple, calamansi)
600 yen
Soul Makgeolli600 yen
Raw makgeolli600 yen
Champagne makgeolliOne bottle 3,980 yen
800 yen per cup
Kloud beer720 yen
draft beer720 yen
Corner highball600 yen
Lemon sour600 yen


Beautiful vinegar ade320 yen
Beautiful vinegar milk split420 yen
Grated pear juice320 yen
Grape bonbon juice320 yen
Grated peach juice320 yen
Oolong Tea300 yen
Various soft drinks300 yen

※The image is an image. The price includes tax.
* Sales details are subject to change without notice. Please note.