Summer in Japan, yeah this summer. Let's enjoy summer vacation at the Monko Museum!

To commemorate the simultaneous holding of the Unko Museum in the three cities of Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Hiroshima in the summer of 2021, a three-venue joint campaign "Summer of Japan, Summer of Unko" will be held from Sunday, August 1st. To do! Prior to the start of the campaign, "CHIKYU JIN presents Unko Museum FUKUOKA powered by HAWKS" will start selling advance tickets for "with drawback" not for sale and special summer goods sale! Please enjoy the summer vacation Monko Museum ♪

> [Goods] Summer special sale!
> [Ticket] Fu-san has become a toilet bowl! Pre-sale of planned tickets with drawback!
> [Campaign] Simultaneous holding of 3 cities Commemorative campaign "Summer in Japan, summer in poop"!

Up to 50% off! Goods summer special sale

A special summer sale of up to 50% off will be held from Saturday, July 17th to Sunday, August 22nd at the goods shop! The number of items in stock is limited, so please check it out as soon as possible! (* The goods shop is an area that anyone can enter for free)

Sale items (partial excerpt)

Product nameSet of 3 clear files
Price (tax included)1,100 yen → 550 yen

Product nameBallpoint pen
Price (tax included)660 yen → 460 yen

Product nameCloth mask
Price (tax included)1,430 yen → 710 yen
Product nameCanvas tote
Price (tax included)2,200 yen → 1,540 yen

We will be holding a special sale other than the listed products, so please check at the venue!

Exhibition match dates only at PayPay Dome! Pre-sale of tickets with "drawback" not for sale

A great-value ticket with a limited-edition "draw bag" that has a bag with a bag on the face of the toilet will be released again! If you couldn't get it before, please take this opportunity to get "Drawback" ♪

Product nameAdvance ticket with draw bag
Content"Unko Museum FUKUOKA Powered by HAWKS" Admission Ticket
Draw bag (not for sale) 1 item
July target scheduleJuly 27th (Tuesday), 28th (Wednesday), 30th (Friday), 31st (Saturday)
July sales periodJuly 16th (Friday) -July 25th (Sunday)
* Please note that the pre-sale will end as soon as it is sold out.
August target scheduleAugust 3rd (Tuesday), 4th (Wednesday), 5th (Thursday)
August sales periodJuly 16th (Friday) -August 1st (Sunday)
* Please note that the pre-sale will end as soon as it is sold out.
priceAdults (junior high school students and above): 1,600 yen / Elementary school students: 900 yen
Notes・ Various coupons cannot be used with advance tickets with drawback.
・ Children under the age of 20 must be accompanied by a guardian to enter.

Simultaneous holding of 3 cities in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Hiroshima Commemorative campaign "Summer in Japan, summer in poop"

In commemoration of the simultaneous holding in the three cities of Tokyo, Fukuoka and Hiroshima in the summer of 2021, the three-venue joint campaign "Summer of Japan, Summer of Unko" will be held from Sunday, August 1st! Let's enjoy "Japanese summer, shit summer" at the Fukuoka venue!

① My poop stick has changed to my poop cup limited to this summer!

When you enter the Unko Museum, you will first create a partner, "My Unko," who sits on a colorful toilet bowl and goes around the "Unko Museum" together. Normally, "My poop" is stabbed in a "My poop stick" and handed over, but this summer, "My poop" is put on a refreshing "My poop cup" and handed over. This is summer! Also pay attention to the letters on the cup. We will distribute it in a limited quantity, so please come as soon as possible.

Distribution period

From Sunday, August 1, 2021 * Limited quantity. It will end as soon as it runs out.


Free * Admission to the Unko Museum will be charged separately.

② Post a photo and liven up the summer with the Unko Museum! "#Summer Poop Photo Campaign" held!

The Unko Museum is full of spots that look great on Unsta.
Please post a photo of your summer memories, which can only be obtained at the Unko Museum, on SNS with the hashtag "#Natsu Unko".
From those who posted, 10 people will be given a "summer poop goods assortment" by lottery!

Application period

August 1, 2021 (Sun) 10:00 to August 31, (Tue) 23:59

Application method

① Take a picture of my yeah and summer memories that you can get at the Unko Museum
Not only the summer scenery, but also the appearance of enjoying the poop museum with my poop is welcome!

② Follow Unko Museum official account Twitter ( @unko_museum) or Instagram ( @unko_museum)

③ Post on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag "#Natsu Unko"
Number of winners: 10 people by lottery
Winning announcement method: Only the winners will be notified by direct message on SNS.
Prize: Assorted summer poop goods