Experience the contents of NiziU LAB and Hawks!

The facility "5G LAB FUKUOKA" where you can experience the charm of Softbank "5G LAB" will open BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA It is a space where anyone can experience the contents of the collaboration project "NiziU LAB" between NiziU and Softbank, the contents unique to Hawks utilizing AI technology, and various contents of "5G LAB" in a 5G environment for free.

■ "NiziU LAB" experience space

Reproduce the VR image of "NiziU LAB" with a 360 ° image space system! NiziU's song "Poppin'Shakin'", including a corner where you can experience as if you were in the space where NiziU is dancing, a corner where you can see the costumes worn by members on TV commercials with NiziU's signature and the latest technology. , And a corner where you can enjoy the video of the TV commercial featuring NiziU on a powerful monitor! You can also experience "NiziU LAB" in a 5G environment!

■ Professional baseball experience space

In the "Swing impersonation AI diagnosis" corner, you can take a batting form and diagnose how similar it is to Yuki Yanagita! How similar are you to the full swing that represents the ball world! ?? Let's challenge!
In addition, you can experience "Baseball LIVE", an app that allows you to enjoy baseball broadcasts such as the Pacific League in a next-generation watching style, in a 5G environment!

■ Visitor gifts!

If you visit "5G LAB FUKUOKA" and answer the questionnaire, you will receive a "Hawks 2021 slogan sticker" and "VR glasses" on the spot!

2021 slogan sticker
VR glasses


Opened: March 26, 2021
Business hours: 11: 00-20: 00
Venue: BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 6F (2-2-6 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka)