Ball spring has arrived! Baseball spirit UP campaign at E-ZO

BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA will start a campaign to commemorate the arrival of the ball spring from Saturday, March 6th!
Let's improve the baseball spirit toward the opening with E-ZO!

■ Campaign content

Hawks OB visit! Open Battle Public Viewing @ 3F ・ MLB cafe

Date and time: March 6th (Sat) around 14:00 ・ March 7th (Sun) around 13:00

* Please check here for details.

② Hawks 2021 slogan "Hawk!" Sticker present

Period: March 8th (Monday) -April 4th (Sunday)
During the period, you will receive a slogan sticker at attractions or restaurants!
* Excluding 1F "Yoshimoto City Bank HKT48 Theater" and 7F "YOSHIMOTO FUKUOKA DAIWA SECURITIES / CONNECT THEATER"

③ Hawks 2021 slogan "Hawks!" Photo stand installed

Period: March 8th (Monday) to March 19th (Friday)
Location: 3rd floor / entrance * The location will change after March 20th (holiday / Saturday).
A photo stand with the slogan logo is now available at E-ZO! Let's take a commemorative photo with the "Hawk!" Pose!

④ Opening game starting lineup big prediction campaign!

Period: March 8th (Monday) -March 25th (Thursday)
Hawks starting lineup (9 batting orders excluding pitchers) for the opening match against Chiba Lotte on March 26th (Friday) is expected!
During the period, read the two-dimensional code posted in the E-ZO building, enter your expectations from the dedicated form, and apply!
A ball with a starting lineup player's autograph will be presented by lottery from the perfect match!

Further campaigns will be held after the start of the season!