Christmas digital stamp rally in progress!

See, eat, and participate in the Fukuoka West area this winter to win gorgeous prizes! ! ! We are holding a digital stamp rally around each facility in the Fukuoka West area! Collect 3 stamps and apply for a lottery to win wonderful prizes ♪
In addition, a collaboration with the local free paper "My Town Nishijin/Meinohama/My Town Ito"! Winter outing information and gourmet information for each participating facility are posted in the December issue and official SNS!

Application period

Until Sunday, December 25

way to participate

① Download the digital stamp rally app "Furimo"
> download here
② Read the QR code installed at the stamp rally participating facility with the app
③ Collect 3 stamps by visiting facilities in the area and apply for a lottery
* You can apply directly from the app.

Winning information

Scheduled for mid-January 2023 *Winners will be announced when they are shipped.


We have prepared wonderful prizes for a total of 50 people!
In addition, we will prepare a special gift for one person who collects stamps from all the facilities♪

① BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA Award“teamLab Forest Fukuoka – SBI Securities” invitation ticket 5 pairs 10 people (use period: until February 28 (Tue))
②Mark is Fukuoka Momochi AwardMark is Fukuoka Momochi voucher for 5,000 yen for 4 people
③Fukuoka Tower AwardTower Observation Invitation Ticket 5 pairs 10 people
④TNC Broadcasting Hall Pavelia AwardPavelia common prize ticket worth 10,000 yen for 3 people
⑤ Marinoa City Fukuoka PrizeMarinoa City Fukuoka shopping ticket worth 5,000 yen for 4 people, Ferris wheel Sky Wheel boarding pass for 5 people, Novolt Pair admission ticket for 5 sets for 10 people
⑥ Konoha Mall HashimotoKonoha Mall Hashimoto facility character “Hacchan” original T-shirt (M size) 10 people
⑦ Nokonoshima Island ParkNokonoshima Island Park Pair Admission Ticket 10 pairs 20 people
⑧ My Town AwardAn assortment set of meal tickets and product exchange tickets that can be used at stores in the Nishijin, Meinohama, and Ito areas for 3 people

*Please look forward to the product details, which will be posted on SNS!

QR code installation location

The installation location is different for each facility. For details, please check the website and official SNS of each facility.

① BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA3rd floor information
②Mark is Fukuoka Momochi2nd floor information
③Fukuoka TowerCommemorative stamp corner in the entrance hall on the ground floor
④TNC Broadcasting Hall Pavelia1st floor hall entrance (plaza in front of Tully's Coffee)
⑤Marinoa City FukuokaInformation on the 1st floor of Outlet Building I
⑥ Konoha Mall Hashimoto1st floor information counter
⑦ Nokonoshima Island Parkpark entrance

Christmas digital stamp rally details

Please check the following URL for details of the Christmas digital stamp rally.
(* Link to Marinoa City Fukuoka event/campaign page.)