Lots of fun stimuli such as pleasant scenery and extraordinary spaces! After moving, your stomach will be filled with delicious gourmet food ♪Let's enjoy with family and friends at Ezo ☆

7.17 sat--8.29 sun
BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 1st Anniversary Summer Festival!

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Limited time event

At teamLab Forest Fukuoka-SBI SECURITIES, TeamLab's permanent museum, animals made of summer flowers, such as sunflowers, will appear during the summer season. The sunflowers that bloom in the three-dimensional world are a masterpiece. Why don't you spend the hot summer cool and enjoyable?

Held for a limited time from July 22 (Thursday / holiday) to August 22 (Sunday)! Since you can interact directly with insects, it is perfect for making memories and free research this summer. Hercules beetle and Girafanokogirikuwagata are also in the exhibition space! We also offer popular living body sales and goods sales ♪

There are also spots that don't look good on Instagram and highly addictive kusoge centers that make you want to play again and again! Please return to your childhood and enjoy yourself with all your might.

Introducing a space where you can experience cutting-edge video content in a 5G environment, original content in collaboration with the idol group "NiziU", and a batting form comparison "Swing impersonation AI diagnosis" with Hawks Yanagita!

Other events

Hawks Quest

E ・ ZO Stamp Rally Large Lottery

Summer student discount set plan is now available!

Kage 3 brothers "Rail Coaster" SMBC Nikko Securities photo service started!

MLB café dog terrace / beer terrace open

Adults and children are very satisfied ♪
Exquisite gourmet collection

Gourmet collection

Super fun entertainment three tastes in Fukuoka City with family and friends! Golden Week 2021Desserts and drinks ♪

Screaming in a superb view! Excellent SNS
Collection of attractions

Three types of spectacular attractions with refreshing views and moods. Tube type slider "Tube Slider" with a total length of 100m, single-seater hanging rail coaster "Rail Coaster", climbing & bouldering "Climbing & Bouldering"!

There are 18 types and 37 sets of content! You can enjoy multiple virtual contents such as driving simulation VR, hands-on music attractions, and competitive VR shooting games where you can experience powerful 360-degree images.

A museum that fully conveys the history and charm of "baseball player Sadaharu Oh HAWKS DASH!" where you can race with Hawks players, there are plenty of attractions where you can challenge defense and batting.

Goods information

OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum
Original Sadaharu Oh goods on sale!

4F OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum
From hats and towels to fans and autographed balls that are easy to decorate at home.

If you want to enjoy each attraction at your favorite time
Advance purchase is recommended!

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